Jacob is absolutely with the Disney TV show, Gravity Falls. Like totally obsessed. In fact, I think he watched one single favorite episode like 7 times this week on Hulu, and they only just started running them on the 24th! He has an entire wish list filled with Gravity Falls gift ideas for me and has asked me no fewer than 300 times when the new book comes out.

Got a kid as obsessed with Gravity Falls as mine is? Check out over 20 awesome Gravity Falls gift ideas for all ages!

If your kids are as crazy about the show as Jake is, chances are they’re hoping for some fun Gravity Falls gifts for their birthday or the upcoming holidays (don’t laugh, they’ll be here sooner than you think!). Check out a few of Jake’s favorite books, toys and merch from the show!

Gravity Falls Gift Ideas

Books & Games

Gravity Falls Gift Ideas

While Jake is waiting patiently for the July 26th release of Gravity Falls: Journal 3, I’ve picked up a few other books for him for his summer reading perusal. So far, the coolest one is Gravity Falls: Dipper’s and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Non-Stop Fun. It features 160 pages of journal entries, crazy full-color images and a really cool double-sided pull-out poster.

Gravity Falls Choose Your Own Adventure

We’re also waiting on the release of Gravity Falls: Dipper and Mabel and the Curse of the Time Pirates’ Treasure!: A “Select Your Own Choose-Venture!” A huge title, right? I remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books from my childhood and want Jake to experience the same fun!

Once upon a swine

Gravity Falls has a few short chapter books out already, including Once Upon a Swine and Pining Away. They’re under $5 each at the time of this post, making them a great budget choice.

gravity falls coloring book

If your kid likes to color, check out the Gravity Falls coloring book! Jake doesn’t really color much anymore, but I think he’d make an exception for this book.

Gravity falls ds game

Moving on from books, a big hit for Jake’s birthday was the Gravity Falls Nintendo 3DS game. It hasn’t left his DS since he got it, and that’s saying a lot since he was on a total Smash Bros. kick for a while. He did get a bit frustrated at one part because he missed something he needed to advance, but overall he’s been thrilled with the game. Your kids can play as both Mabel and Dipper.

Gravity Falls Toys

Jake collects toys now, rather than playing with them. He’s asked for quite the assortment of Gravity Falls toys. I have no idea where he’ll put them, since his shelf is filled with stuff from his Arcade Box subscription. I’ll probably grab him a few for Christmas, though. These are on the top of his wish list.

Gravity Falls Dipper with Barfing Gnome

Gravity Falls Dipper with Barfing Gnome

Gravity Falls Mabel with Waddles

Gravity Falls Mabel with Waddles

Gravity Falls Grunkle Stan with Bill Cipher

Gravity Falls Grunkle Stan with Bill Cipher

He’s also begging for a few of the cooler plush toys:


Gravity Falls Waddles Plush (this one comes in two different sizes, but I think the bigger one is the coolest)

barfing gnome

Barfing Gnome Plush: is this not the funniest plush toy ever? I kind of want him for myself!

Mr. Mystery Bobblehead

Mr. Mystery Bobblehead

Gravity Falls Clothes & Accessories

If you just do not have any more space in your house for toys, fill out your Gravity Falls gift theme with some cool clothes and accessories. Both Amazon & Redbubble have a pretty good selection. A few that I’m eyeing for Jake include:

dipper shirt

This Gravity Falls Dipper shirt is simple and fun, great for the summer and appropriate enough for gym days at school.

Dipper Hat

Although I’m nore really a fan of “trucker-style” hats (or any hats, really, they don’t look right on my head), Jake’s been collecting different weird hats lately. He’d love this Dipper’s Pine Tree hat

Illuminati Eye

My personal favorite, the Illuminati Eye shirt!

Bill Cipher Pendant

This Bill Cipher Pendant is really cool and works for a boy or a girl.

Gravity Falls on Etsy

Etsy has some really unique handmade Gravity Falls gift ideas if you’re looking for something that all the other kids won’t have.

gravity falls light

This Gravity Falls Bill Cipher Wheel Lighting by MTDigitalGift is probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen all day. It’s a little out of my price range, but Jake would love it.

Grunkle Stan Pillow

What kid wouldn’t want to snuggle up with this cool handmade Grunkle Stan pillow by telahmarie? It’s made to order, and her pillows have over 2,000 favorable reviews. Pretty impressive!

gravity falls record clock

This Gravity Falls clock by WildKangaroo is made from old vinyl records!

Check out more Gravity Falls gift ideas on Etsy, there are tons upon tons of them.

Still need more Gravity Falls gift ideas? Scroll through my “Shop The Post” widget here for more of our favorite picks!

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One last thing before I go: Hulu just got the rights to a ton of Disney movies and shows. The entire Gravity Falls series is now playing on Hulu. Up until the 24th, Jake was going nuts trying to find places to watch it online, so this is big news for him.

Do your kids love the show? Tell me if you have any other cool Gravity Falls gift ideas! Jake will thank you!


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