The weather outside is finally starting to feel like summer and I couldn’t be happier. Okay, so I could do without the 95-degree temps, but I’m glad that it’s warm enough for some backyard water fun.

Water Park Fun in Your Backyard with H20GO! Water Toys

H20GO! sent me a few of their fun water toys for review and I’ve been waiting forever to break them out. We’ve had such odd weather though lately that I’ve been scared to set anything up. There were a few nights there where I had to dig out the winter blankets again! It seems like warm days are here to stay now, so it’s the perfect time to have a little water park fun in your backyard!

Water Park Fun with H20GO!

Jacob and I received three fun water toys from H20GO!: the Tether Ball Splash, a Water Slide and their H2OGO! Color Wave Pool. This weekend, we finally had a chance to set everything up. I have a few tips for you on setting up the pool, but let’s check out the other two first.

H2OGO! Tether Ball Splash

H20go tetherball splash 1

The Tether Ball Splash is a super tall inflatable water sprinkler toy that adds an extra element of fun with the attached tetherball. The water shoots up through the tower and out through the ball. Kids can bop the ball around in a fun and active game of tetherball and stay cool at the same time.

H20go tetherball splash 2

H2OGO! Backyard Water Slides

h2ogo slide 1

H20GO! has a bunch of different water slide. We tried out the Double Slider with the built-in speed ramp. That speed ramp is my favorite feature. I get Jacob a new water slide every year, and they all tend to have the same problem: the launch. You either have to flop down onto the slide or lay down and propel yourself. With the speed ramp, kids can kind of just plop down on it and take off. Well, not plop down, but you know what I mean? It makes the ride much smoother.

I’ve been having water pressure issues lately. If your pressure is as bad as mine, I have a tip. First, before you put the hose into the attachment, soak the slide and fill the landing splash pad up with water. Then attach the hose to the slide. It will fill up the rest of the splash pad and work its way up to shoot water out of the sprinkler holes.

H2OGO! Color Wave Pool

h2ogo color wave pool 3

The H20GO! Color Wave Pool is my favorite of the three. It’s also the most challenging to set up, but totally worth it when it’s done. This pool is a lot roomier than I thought it would be! Jacob and I can comfortably fit with him lounging at one, me at the other and our feet still nowhere near each other. It’s just right for lounging in the sun (coated in waterproof sunscreen, of course) and keeping cool on a hot day. At night, turn on the built-in LED lights for a light show of five different colors.

h2ogo color wave pool 2

The quality of the pool is fabulous. Usually with inflatable pools, I’m terrified that they’ll pop before I ever get done inflating them. The material is really strong, though. Unless bears climb my fence and dive in, I don’t foresee an issue with leaks.

Tips for setting up your Color Wave Pool

Make sure the spot you pick REALLY is flat: I don’t have very many flat spots in my yard. The spot I picked looked really flat until I started filling the pool, then I realized that it was slightly inclined. No big deal, I have a shallow end and a deep end! It’s not off by much, but you’ll want to make sure the ground is pretty level BEFORE you put the water in.

Get an air compressor: The final product of this pool is about 9 feet long. Imagine how much air goes into it. Now try to imagine doing that with a bike pump. I don’t have to imagine. My mom and I took turns inflating it with a bike pump yesterday. About two hours into that, with the pool half done, I got in my car and drove down to Big Lots. There, I picked up a $20 electric air thing. Totally worth it. The rest of the pool was inflated in about 5 minutes. Unless you want to feel like you did a million pushups, do yourself a favor and spring for the electric air compressor. My arms are killing me today!

Get C Batteries, Not D: I don’t know if all the boxes have a misprint or just mine, but the box said that it took 4 D batteries. When I opened up the compartment to put the batteries in, I discovered it actually takes C batteries. So double check that before you stock up on batteries.

h2ogo color wave pool

Tips for the water: We filled the pool, then covered it with a tarp and left it overnight to warm up. While the evening was chilly, the morning was warm enough to take the chill (okay, the frigidness) out of the water so we could use it the next day. Otherwise, you end up with a kid yelling that it’s too cold and looking at you like you have two heads when you say “oh, come on, just sit there for a second so I can get a picture for my post!” The life of a blogger’s kid isn’t as glamorous as it seems!

The H2OGO! water slides have a suggested retail price of $9.99 for the single slide, $17.99 for the double and $29.99 for the triple; $39.99 for the Color Wave Pool, and $11.89 for the Tether Ball Splash. All are available at Toys R’ US,, Big Lots!, Kmart, Walgreens and Learn more about all of them on the H20GO! website.

Do you have any of the H20GO! Water Toys? Which are your favorites?