No matter how much we want to be there with our kids all the time, it’s pretty hard to be with them every second of every day. Whether you’re out working, traveling or just running kid-free errands, you have to let your kids out of your sight at some point, right? Yet you still want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your tiny tot is well cared for, especially if you’re a new mom with an infant.
I recently partnered with BabyBit, a groundbreaking new smart + mobile baby monitor that’s helping moms around the world stay connected to their babies while they’re away. They launched their  Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign just last month and already are doing amazing, but they still need help making their dreams (and our dreams of keeping closer tabs on our kids!) a reality!

What is the BabyBit?

BabyBit provides parents with real-time mobile updates on their baby’s location, status, and general well-being. The updates are configurable, insightful and actionable so that parents aren’t inundated with information that they can’t use. Some things that BabyBit can do that other monitors don’t include:

Notify the parent when the baby is dropped off or picked up by a caregiver

You won’t have to wait for a text or phone call to know that your baby got picked up from daycare on time and is headed to grandma’s house. With a quick glance at your mobile notifications, your mind can be put at ease.
Alert the parent when the baby is crying for an extended period or unable to be consoled 
If you’re not at home, it does you no good to know every single time your baby cries, but with BabyBit you can set your notifications to alert you if your baby’s been crying for a period of time that you think is too long or unusual. That way, you can call your sitter (or spouse) to make sure everything is going okay.
Detect when the baby is sleeping on his stomach and alert both the caregiver and the parent
Should your baby roll over on his stomach during a nap, your caregiver will be alerted immediately. If your baby stays on his stomach (for a period of time that you set), you’ll be notified as well.
Aside from the notifications, there are more details available within the app. There you can see if your baby is awake or asleep and content or crying. You can also get insights into how attentive the caregiver is and what the baby’s disposition has been while they’ve been with the caregiver.
You can see a video of BabyBit in action here:

I’m personally excited for BabyBit to hit the market and I know many of you will be too. It’s a must have for any mom with a young baby (and it would make a great gift)! I urge you to support their Indiegogo campaign. The faster they reach their goal, the faster you can get your hands on a BabyBit.
For more information about BabyBit and to sign up for their email updates, please visit
In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think about BabyBit and any tips you might have for moms on the go to stay connected to their babies when they can’t be with them.
New Moms Meet Babybit: World's First Smart + Mobile Baby Monitor Designed With You in Mind