Don’t you love it when you can combine fun summer fashions with social good? I do! I love it even more when I find something that gives back twice, like my new purse from Net Effects. When they told me the story behind their line of purses, totes and cases, I couldn’t wait to check them out. They sent me one of their Moxie bags to review. It’s just right for summer!

Net Effects Line of Travel Bags Gives Back in Three Ways!

Net Effects Moxie Travel Bag (1 of 13)

Before I tell you more about the Moxie purse, I want to share a bit about the Net Effects story, since that’s what drew me to the company in the first place. Net Effects actually gives back twice. First, all of their products are crafted by Cambodian women in an ecologically responsible way. Here’s a really cool stat for you: every 10-15 Net Effects bags sold in the United States provides one month’s worth of fair wages for a woman in Cambodia.

The bags themselves are made from scraps and remnants of agricultural and industrial netting. Not only does this create some really unique colors and designs, but it also cuts down on the amount of waste going into landfills. I’m really concerned with how much junk we throw into those landfills. The way I see it, we’re going to run out of places to put our garbage at some point! Then what happens? We all saw Wall-E, didn’t we?

While the manufacturing of the bags helps Cambodian communities and the environment, Net Effects takes it a step further. Every time they sell a bag, they donate a portion of the proceeds to Nothing But Nets, an organization dedicated to providing mosquito nets to  families in need throughout the world. As I’m sure you know, mosquitoes carry numerous deadly diseases. In the US alone, we’ve seen outbreaks of West Nile and the new Zika virus. In African and tropical Asian countries, they carry much deadlier viruses. Couple that with the fact that many people live in tents or structures without adequate walls, and a simple mosquito net becomes a powerful thing.


Net Effects Moxie Travel Bag (8 of 13)Of course, social good can only carry a company so far, especially in the world of fashion. While I try to look for companies that give back to the world, I also have to think about my own budget. I’m not going to buy something that I can’t use, no matter how much I love the cause. The way I see it, I could just take the money and give it to the organization. When I combine shopping with social good, I need to be happy with my purchase.

The Moxie tote definitely makes me happy. While the green is a bit greener than it appeared in the pictures, it’s a vibrant and fun summer color. It has sort of a shimmer to it that makes it stand out. I prefer cross-body bags because I like to keep my hands free (and shoulder bags slide off my narrow shoulders). The adjustable strap is long enough to wear comfortably while out and about.

Net Effects Moxie Travel Bag inside

Inside, the purse is roomy enough for all my essentials. It even has a spot in the front for a tablet and another zippered spot for my phone. The material is really thick and sturdy (remember, it’s made from industrial supplies). I haven’t tested this theory yet, but it feels like it would easily survive a stroll through the rain without resulting in a soggy mess. It comes in a bunch of other fun colors, too!

Net Effects Moxie Travel Bag (7 of 13)

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If the Moxie bag isn’t your thing, Net Effects has a bunch of other darling totes, purses and clutches. Prices range from $24.50 for a Nook Clutch to $84 for the large Voyager travel bag. The Moxie retails for $59.  Now through July 26th, save $15 off your purchase by using the coupon code NETTYNOW.  Shop now and help save lives!