Looking for a fun party idea for your little one? How about a Dinotrux party? The Dreamwork’s show, which streams on Netflix, is celebrating its first birthday and they want you to join them. Check out this super cute Dinotrux Party Pack, filled with free printables.

DinoTrux Free Printable Party Pack

Celebrate DinoTrux's First Birthday with Free Printable Gifts for Your Little One

Inside, you’ll find over 44MB of awesome recipes, party games, cupcake decorations and even everything you need to print out a Pin the Wrecking Ball activity. It really makes for a unique party theme.

About Dinotrux

Dinotrux is a computer-animated series from the geniuses at Dreamworks (you know, the people behind classics like Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon!). It’s based on a series of illustrated children’s books by Chris Gall, featuring a prehistoric world filled with hybrid creatures that are a cross between dinosaurs and construction vehicles. Basically, every little boy’s dream! It debuted last year in 2015 on Netflix on August 14, making it just over a year old today.

Here an extra special birthday clip from the Dinotrux show! Check it out!

Do your kids watch Dinotrux? Who are their favorite characters?