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With summer almost officially behind us and the dry winter months peeking around the corner, now is definitely the time to start stepping up your skin care game. Soon we’ll be breaking out the wooly sweaters, fleece pajamas, and heavy socks. I don’t know about you, but very little feels as icky as dry skin snagging against winter fabrics. The thought of it gives me the chills, literally! You know how some people can’t stand the sound of nails on a chalkboard? Well, I feel the same way about dry skin rubbing against my clothes. Fortunately, with AmLactin, I found the best moisturizer for my dry skin!

Kiss Your Rough Skin Goodbye with AmLactin



amlactin-skin-careWhether you get the chills from rough spots like I do or just want to keep your skin looking its best, AmLactin has you covered from head to toe. I learned about AmLactin back in 2014, when I worked with them for the first time. I loved the way their moisturizers helped me speed up my morning routine and have kept their Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Ultra Hydrating Body Cream on hand (and elbows, arms, legs, feet!) since then.


Last month, I received a fabulous package from them and added their Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Cerapeutic Restoring Body Lotion, Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Foot Cream and Moisturizing Body Lotion to my regimen. Let me tell you, my skin has never felt better! I’m going to tell you all about it right now (awkwardly, because I get super nervous on video…and I have a cold!)

Each product in the AmLactin line helps me conquer a different problem area. For example, I’m pretty self-conscious about my dry heels. I think I have the worst dry heels in the history of feet. Seriously! I spend a lot of time trying to fix them! The Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Foot Cream works wonders. I still have to do the callous removal thing, but when I’m done with that, I slather on the Foot Cream and the special blend of emollient and humectant ingredients keep my heels looking and feeling softer longer.

Another major problem area for me is the skin on my upper chest (the space that spans between your shoulders). I don’t know why that spot gets so dry. Every other spot on my body could be perfectly soft, but that one area just feels off to me. The Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Cerapeutic Restoring Body Lotion really helps me conquer that rough spot! It’s made for your driest skin and works instantly to restore moisture. I can feel the difference the second I put it on. The patented ULTRAPLEX® formula really helps slough off dry skin cells.

For the rest of my body, I use the AmLactin Moisturizing Body Lotion with its powerful alpha-hydroxy therapy. It’s just right for everyday use, either to prevent dry skin or help you deal with a few of your more arid (but not insanely rough) patches. The 12% lactic acid gently exfoliates as you work it into your skin.


One other thing I’ve always loved about all of AmLactin’s products is the fact that they are fragrance-free. You don’t have to worry about them clashing with your favorite perfume or body spray. All of their products are non-greasy, so you won’t feel like you jumped into a vat of oil after applying. The lotions and creams just sink right into your skin, going to work immediately to leave you feeling beautiful all year round. Perhaps the best part (aside from how well they work): their entire line is incredibly affordable. You can get great skin without breaking the bank! Just because life can be rough doesn’t mean our skin has to be, right?

Visit AmLactin online to learn more about their fabulous skin care products! You’ll be happy you did! Follow AmLactin on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news and special offers.

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