Just like technology is moving faster and bigger, museums are offering us bigger experiences that are fully immersive and transport you to amazing places. From art that you can climb on, to large science exhibits you can tinker with, to living history museums that put you right at the moment, more and more museums are pulling out the stops! Check out some of my favorite museums that ascribe to the go big or go home philosophy, and will make your next vacation or road trip an unforgettable experience!

5 Of The Coolest BIG Experiences In Museums That You Have To Visit


The City Museum, St. Louis

Ever wanted to visit the craziest playground of your entire life? Everyone needs to check out all the amazing larger than life experiences at The City Museum. This giant playground for all ages is full of artwork that is made of all kinds of reclaimed metal, sculptures from recycled goods, and industrial pieces. There are so many nooks and hidden places to explore, and even giant slides that span several floors tall. You may just lose yourself in the curiosity and beauty of this giant interactive sculpture that you become a moving piece of art. I was so lucky to have the chance to visit this museum, and I would go back again in a second!

Exploratorium- San Francisco, California

Have you ever wanted to explore a giant Tinker Lab full of a scientist’s experiments? That’s the feeling you get when you walk into the Exploratorium. This large museum has over 600 exhibits housed in its walls that are all interactive exhibits that encourage you to explore science and technology. One of the most mindboggling is the Tactile Dome, a large sensory experience where you guide yourself in complete darkness by walking, crawling and sliding. (Extra tickets are required!) Another fun part of the Exploratorium is they partner with many different artists to create giant works of art that explore kinetic sculptures, light, color and sound. I’ve included the latest installation in the video above!

Boston Museum of Science- Boston, MA

The Museum of Science in Boston has so much to do that you won’t be able to see it all in a day. If you are looking for big wow experiences, within its walls you’ll find the gigantic Hayden Planetarium that offers both astronomy shows and laser shows (Dark Side Of The Moon anyone?), both IMAX and 4D movies, a simulator and a butterfly garden. The one thing you absolutely shouldn’t miss is the lightening show. The Vander Graff Generator is the world’s largest spanning two floors, and conducting gigantic bolts of lightning inside right in front of your eyes. I have never forgotten seeing that amazing show!

COSI- Columbus, Ohio

I am more than a little biased about COSI, as I am a former team member but I promise you’ll thank me because the experience at this museum is amazing. This humongous science museum has over 300 exhibits and has been rated as the top magazine in the country by Parents magazine. Though there are plenty of experiences for little kids (including a massive interactive exhibit just for preschoolers and under), COSI shines even more brightly as a destination for all ages. Packed to the brim, this museum includes a state of the art planetarium and a Giant Screen Theater. You also won’t want to miss the full motion simulator, a unicycle you can ride across a high wire thanks to some cool physics, and many huge immersive exhibits about water, color, physics, the body, and even a living history street. If you can squeeze it in, add a trip to the Valley of the Unknown and solve the mysterious puzzles of Adventure, an Indiana Jones style exhibit that will turn you into a full explorer (through January 1, 2017). Also don’t miss the Rat Basketball demonstration, a local favorite with real rats playing one on one basketball. Have I convinced you to plan a trip to Ohio yet?

Boston Tea Party Ships And Museum

The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum strive to be a fully immersive experience that provides a full sensory experience! Put yourself right in the middle of the event that started the revolutionary war, the famous dumping of the tea into the harbor. Meet the colonists on authentically restored ships, dump the tea in the harbor yourself, and check out high-tech interactive exhibits that put you closer to this historical moment than ever before. Even those who aren’t history buffs will have blast learning at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum.

So now I want to know about the big and best immersive experiences you have had at museums, tell me your favorites! Have you been to any of my picks? Show a little love in the comments for these cool places to visit!

Image via Pixabay