Whether you’re headed to your favorite comic con or just getting ready for Halloween, you may find yourself wanting to try some cosplay ideas that stretch the imagination but everyone will know what you are in an instant. Is there anything worse than working on a cool costume and having no one recognize you? Check out some of these ideas for costume ideas you are going to want to try!

Inspiration! See these seven cosplay ideas everyone will love instantly!

7 Cosplay Ideas That Everyone Will Instantly Love

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Ash from Pokemon

Pokémon Go was a HUGE craze this summer. People who didn’t even know what Pokémon was were suddenly catching Eevee and Pikachu. I only have a little sewing talent but this fantastic Ash costume doesn’t look too terribly hard to make. I bet I could cut down on some of the sewing time with some hot glue and look crazy amazing doing it, then just add a Pokemon wig!  

Mario and Luigi

The classic Nintendo duo is always an excellent cosplay costume choice. I like that you can go as elaborate or as simple as you like and it still makes a great costume. If you’re going to Comic-Con or somewhere for Halloween with a large group, you can easily add more characters. Check out this video for some easy tips for making a Mario or Luigi costume, most of which is probably already in your house.

Emoji Face

This is a seriously fun costume that requires no actual costume, just lots and lots of makeup. I seriously want to become the laughing so hard I’m crying emoji because sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in that mode all the time. I think that emoticon might be worn out on my phone. Anyways you will amaze everyone by pulling off this cosplay makeup!

Where’s Waldo

They found each other. I wish I knew the cosplayers, but oh well. ~Jaya

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Waldo is a classic cosplay costume that will make you stand out! I have a friend who has leaned on the Waldo costume for years for all kinds of fun events including Halloween. Not only is this costume super simple to make, people will literally be looking to talk to you the entire event without even trying. Fun!

Captain America

There is a secret to pulling off the most amazing Captain America Cosplay costume, are you ready for it? It’s the Captain America shield. If you can make that shield scream “I’ve got your back America” then you have truly become Captain America. Captain America always feels like a bit of a stand out from all of the Spiderman and Superman already walking around and he’s pretty amazing. Thanks to  @CaptainCodyCosplay for letting us share! Check him out on Facebook too!

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn seems to be everywhere lately. She’s a crazy and a bit crazy, but her bright blond pigtails with the pink and blue make her a fun character to play. Follow along with this tutorial to create your costume. Overall what she did looks easy enough, but she didn’t skimp on the details! Pssst, do you only want to make some of the costume? Buy just the jacket then add your favorite details like this girl did!

LEGO Man Everything

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So there are some obvious choices you could use when creating your very own LEGO Man  (or women!) costume. You could pick any of the characters from the movie, and that makes and awesome costume. Or you could make a LEGO mini figure head and add it to another costume you already have. Lego Superman? Everything is awesome!

Snapchat Filters

This is another idea that doesn’t require a whole costume but is heavy on the makeup. If you can paint even a little, then you can pull off being at least one of these memorable Snapchat filters. I can guarantee you are going to get a lot of laughs if you can do the paint for one of these Snapchat filter ideas! Are the filters pretty much the only reason most of us on Snapchat right?

So I have to know, what’s the best cosplay costume you’ve ever seen? I will never forget having the chance to see a whole group of ten Stormtroopers made entirely out of cardboard, but that must have taken some serious work! Tell me your favorite cosplay ideas down in the comments!