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Litter box odors are, by far, the worst thing about being owned by a cat. In fact, it’s pretty much the only downside to life with our furry feline friends. Well, unless you count being woken in the middle of the night when your cat decides to serenade a bug on the window. Honestly, though, I’d rather deal with sleepless nights than stinky litter boxes any day! I think we can all agree on that point, right? I mean, odor control is the #1 thing that we look for in a litter for a reason!

Your cat wants you to know that Fresh Step with the power of Febreze will stop odors for 10 days straight. Listen to your smart cat. When you have multiple cats like I do, keeping up with the litter boxes is even more important. I don’t want people to walk into my home, take a sniff and think “yep, she’s got cats!” I want them to discover my cats through their crazy antics and utter cuteness, not their nasty smells. I’m sure you feel the same way! Fortunately, keeping your home smelling fresh is pretty simple when you start with the right litter.

The Right Litter for a Fresh Home

If you recall way back in February, I shared with you how much I loved Fresh Step® with the power of Febreze™.  Since then, it’s been my first choice for cat litter. Fresh Step with the power of Febreze gives you exactly what you’ve come to expect from Fresh Step litter but with a major deodorizing boost.

Say Goodbye to Stinky Litter Box Odors for 10 Days Straight with #FreshStepFebreze #Unsmellable

Fresh Step is asking cat parents to swap out their regular litter and give Fresh Step with the power of Febreze litter a try for 10 days. Why 10 days? Because that’s how long they guarantee continuous odor control. Now, I’ve been using this brand for way more than 10 days, so I already knew how well it worked. Still, in the spirit of the challenge, I decided to go back to another brand of litter for a week, then switch again to refresh my memory about the difference.

I did the challenge when my mom was out of town and I was the only one in charge of the litter boxes. My mom has this whole system down for cleaning the boxes.  Me? I just want to scoop and go! I started the challenge with a different brand and did my thing for about three days. My senior cat, Mally, has some very nasty bathroom habits right now. Very nasty. I’m not even kidding you right now, I actually stuffed tissues up my nose before I went into the laundry room where we keep the boxes.

Say Goodbye to Stinky Litter Box Odors for 10 Days Straight with #FreshStepFebreze #Unsmellable

After those three days, I dumped out the entire box and switched back to Fresh Step with the power of Febreze. I filled up the boxes and went on my merry way. Later that night, I noticed that I didn’t need to hold my breath as I passed by the laundry room. The next day, I could breathe easy when I scooped since I wasn’t walking around with tissues up my nostrils!

The real test came on the third day of my 10-day Odor Control challenge. See, the second day, Jake and I were running around all afternoon and I just didn’t get around to scooping the boxes. Bad, I know. Don’t tell my mom. I thought “how much of a mess can they make in one day?” Well, a lot. That’s how much. Still, even though the boxes were a little fuller than usual, there was no odor. If you didn’t actually look into the box, you’d have no idea that I skipped a day.


The 10-day Odor Control guarantee coupled with the ClumpLock® Technology really does an amazing job of containing all your cat’s stinkiest messes, locking them away tightly in easy-to-scoop clumps. You can learn more about the guarantee on the PetSmart Fresh Step page, but basically, if you’re not happy, you can get your money back. Trust me, you’ll be happy!

One other thing I really love about Fresh Step with the power of Febreze (aside from the odor control, of course) is that it’s not very dusty. I have allergies, and anything dusty sets them off big time. Plus, let’s be honest, no one wants to dig into a litter box with a scoop and have gross particles flying all over the place! I mean, we know what’s in those particles! Blech! Fresh Step has always been one of the best at keeping down tracking and dust, but the Fresh Step with the power of Febreze takes it a “step” further.

Say Goodbye to Stinky Litter Box Odors for 10 Days Straight with #FreshStepFebreze #Unsmellable

Ready to put that 10-day Odor Control Guarantee to the test for yourself? Head to your local PetSmart to pick up your box of Fresh Step with the power of Febreze. Use the store locator to find one near you or purchase it online.  Follow FreshStep on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with news. Their Instagram feed has some serious cuteness on it too, so check that out!

Do you have any favorite tricks or tips for keeping litter box odor under control? Share in the comments!


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