YouTube is a huge vault just brimming full of entertainment these days, and you can literally get lost down the rabbit hole of videos for days. Rather than get lost in an ocean of videos, add some of my absolute favorite channels to your watch list. Then grab you favorite bigger kid and enjoy. These videos will leave you both laughing, and maybe even learning something new!

All of these! 7 YouTube channels you should definitely be watching with your tween!

7 YouTube Channels You Should Definitely Be Watching With Your Tween

Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show With James Corden

If you’ve not been watching James Corden sing in the car with famous celebrities while they drive around hilariously, you are missing something huge! James Corden has sang with everyone from Justin Bieber, Adele, to Britany Spears and even Michele Obama. It’s almost a sign you’ve really made it as a start to be featured on carpool karaoke right now! Who can resist singing along with Adele? I also really began to love Sia as an artist when I listened to her pipes in the car and heard more of her story becoming an artist.

What’s Inside?

This epic channel that is brand new in the last year is climbing the charts! Feed your inner need to know as you watch What’s Inside all kinds of things like rattlesnake rattles,  hover boards and shrilling chickens. They look inside all of these cool things, so you don’t have to! It sure is a lot less messy, but very cool!

Good Mythical Morning

Longtime friends Rhett and Link are hilarious to watch, and a perfect way to start your day. This funny duo creates pranks and games for each other, most of the time focused around gross foods. I dare you not to laugh during Good Mythical Morning!

How It Should Have Ended

Have you ever watched a movie and thought that the ending should be different? So did these guys. How It Should Have Ended takes animation and reworks the end to what it really should have been. Now get lost in the videos for a while and laugh yourself silly. You’re welcome!

Minute Physics

Whether or not you know science well, Minute Physics has just the right amount of useful science that will make you feel… useful! In under a minute let these stick figure drawings explain whether you should walk or run in the rain,  how long a day on the sun really is and what would happen if the Earth was hollow. These adorable little stick figures make things even more entertaining.

Hydraulic Press Channel

The Hydraulic Press channel is downright addicting. From ball bearings to giant gummy bears and even a toilet this giant press squishes, crushes and pulverizes very slowly and carefully many items in the most hilarious way. It’s really hard to stop watching video after video of things being crushed in a mesmerizing manner.

Gross Science

Cavities, poop food poisoning,  Nova’s  producer Anna Rothchild gives us a dose of disgusting science with every video. For example, I just bought some beautiful figs at the grocery store today only to find out from the video above that all figs have dead wasp bodies in them, gross!

So what fascinating and amazing YouTube Channels do you follow? Do you follow any of my favorites? Tell me what you think down in the comments!