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If you could design your dream kitchen, what would it look like? Mine would look a lot like the one pictured above: wide open, plenty of cabinets and all of the best Frigidaire Professional appliances. I would probably add a bit more counter space, though, but other than that, I love that kitchen! I’ve always wanted a double oven. Both my husband and my mom (who lives with me) spend a lot of time cooking, so the extra ovens would come in so handy. Plus I really just love the combination of brick and wood, industrial meets farmhouse elements in that kitchen. Neat, right?

What to consider when planning your dream kitchen

Check out 5 things to consider when planning your dream kitchen, plus see how @Frigidaire Professional can help make your dreams come true!

Since we’re planning a big move next summer, I’ve been thinking a lot about my dream kitchen. While my mom and husband do most of the cooking, I really feel like I’d be far more likely to expand my baking horizons if I had a kitchen that wasn’t quite so cramped. Right now, my kitchen is overwhelming. I think about baking, then I think about how I’ll have to move a whole bunch of stuff to do it. Then I go out and buy a premade pie. So as we’re looking for our next house, these are the things that I’m considering when I look at the kitchen.

Is there enough usable counter space?

Emphasis on the word “usable,” because when we moved into this house, we thought we had plenty of counter space. Once you start factoring in your microwave, coffee pot, toaster, other small appliances and random whatnots, though, counter space vanishes pretty fast! At any given time, we have maybe a foot to work with. Decide how much counter space you THINK you need, then add at least a few extra feet to that!

Can we fit at least four people comfortably in the space?

Between me, Rich, my mom and Jake, we’re a family of four, so my new kitchen needs to at least fit all of us comfortably should we decide to descend upon it at the same time. Right now, only two of us can really be in it at once without knocking into each other. One of these four people likes to hover and make sure the others are doing things “right” whenever we cook.  I’m not going to say which one, that person knows who they are! I’d like a kitchen that fits more people in it, especially since we always host the family parties.

What appliances already come with the house and where are they located?

When you’re buying a house, don’t assume that what you see is what you get. The previous owners may be taking along that fancy fridge or oven. Ask before you buy. If the appliances are older, you’ll probably have to replace them, so it’s important to look around the room and determine if they’re located in places that make sense. It’s not cheap to rip down the entire kitchen and start from scratch because the previous owners put the fridge in a super weird spot!

Is there enough space to upgrade the appliances?

Check out 5 things to consider when planning your dream kitchen, plus see how @Frigidaire Professional can help make your dreams come true!

This goes along with the previous point. If you’re planning a major appliance upgrade, you want to make sure the kitchen can support it. I want this Frigidaire Professional Double Wall Oven in a major way (dinner in a snap thanks to the convection oven? Yes, please!), so I would need to determine if the space that holds the current oven could support it, or if I would need to do some remodeling to make room for it. Maybe you’re dreaming of a big, beautiful fridge, like the one in this picture. That wouldn’t fit where my fridge is now. By thinking ahead not only to the appliances you’re planning to get right away but to the ones on your wish list, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble as you put together your dream kitchen.

Check out 5 things to consider when planning your dream kitchen, plus see how @Frigidaire Professional can help make your dreams come true!


Where should you cut back and where should you splurge? 

We all have budgets to consider, right? As you’re planning your dream kitchen, you’ll need to decide where you can cut corners and where you should really invest in the best of the best. I’m not incredibly picky about light fixtures, flooring materials or high-end furniture. Fancy floors require too much upkeep, my cats kill all my furniture and light fixtures, well, as long as I can see, I’m happy. I’d rather spend a little extra on appliances that will make my life easier for years to come.

Make your dream come true with Frigidaire Professional

Whether you’re moving into a new house or just upgrading your own, make your dream kitchen a reality with Frigidaire Professional appliances. Aside from the incredibly awesome Double Wall Oven that I’m drooling over, they have several other great appliances that make cooking easier. For those who don’t need two ovens, you can choose the 30” Single Electric Wall Oven.

Make your dream come true with Frigidaire Professional

The oven is ready right away thanks to the PowerPlus® No Preheat feature (I SO need this in my life!), and you get consistent results every single time. You can even set and monitor dish temperature with PowerPlus™ Temperature Probe, which is perfect for someone like me who really doesn’t know how to use a meat thermometer.

Make your dream come true with Frigidaire Professional

For those who prefer cooking with gas, choose between the 30” Freestanding Gas Range and the 36” Gas Cooktop with Griddle. The griddle almost makes me wish I had gas instead of electric! How neat is that? The PowerPlus™ Burner lets you cook with the power of 18,200 BTU. Honestly, I don’t know what that means, but it sounds crazy-powerful. Plus you can slide your heavy pots across the cast-iron grates with ease, just like a pro chef!

Make your dream come true with Frigidaire Professional

If cooking fast is important to you, you’ll love the Induction Cooktop. I’m kind of fascinated with this one! The PowerPlus™ Induction Technology lets you boil water in less than 2 minutes! Seriously? I am SO impatient, this is perfect for me! The PowerPlus™ Induction Cooktop has all the speed and consistency of a gas stove but lets you keep your electric-based kitchen.

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