Looking for a yummy way to celebrate all the wonderful things about fall? How about an afternoon of cookie decorating? Cheryl’s has put together an awesome kit filled with the yummiest ingredients to help you turn a rainy day inside into a delicious fall activity. I got to try out their Fall Cut-out Cookie Decorating Kit & their insanely tasty Autumn Gift Tin. Let me just say, I was in cookie bliss! I can’t decide which I like better!

Looking for a delicious way to celebrate fall? Have a cookie decorating party!

Fun Rainy Day Activity: Cookie Decorating with Cheryl’s Kit!


When the rainy days keep your family indoors, you really can’t go wrong with an activity that combines creativity and tasty goodness! The Fall Cut-out Cookie Decorating Kit is completely packed full of everything you need to make custom fall cookies, including  24 un-frosted, baked pumpkin cut-out cookies, a 1 lb. tub each of fudge and orange icing and fall sprinkles.


I love, love, love that the cookies are already baked for me.  They’re incredibly yummy. Moist and soft inside, yet sturdy enough to handle even the most over-zealous decorator.


Everything comes in a super cute little house with handles. They definitely don’t skimp on the frosting and sprinkle, either! You’ll have plenty to go crazy with your cookies and still have enough left over for another tasty treat down the road.


The cookie decorating kit is also perfect for all those fall parties with kids! Originally, I had hoped to decorate the cookies with my son, cousins and nieces at a family party. Unfortunately, several of our guests couldn’t make it. Still, it would have been a fun way to add even more sweetness to our celebration.

Treat Yourself to the Autumn Gift Tin!


If decorating cookies isn’t your thing, or if you’re still craving more deliciousness, the Autumn Gift Tin is an awesome way to treat yourself! It comes with 16 amazing cookies packed into a pretty, reusable tin! The variety is awesome. My favorites are the Devils Food and the Salted Caramel cookies. YUMMM! Honestly, I loved all of them (and kind of wanted to hide them in my room so no one else could eat any, but that would be selfish of me, wouldn’t it?). These cookies are so soft and rich, with an amazing buttercream frosting topping each one.

You’ll note that the picture above does NOT contain all 16 cookies. Ummm, I kind of ate a bunch of them before my husband took the pictures for me. Oops. Hey, I got the cookies a few days before he got back here, I couldn’t wait!! This pic isn’t as good as his, but I took it right away before I snuck a few. It gives you a good idea of the selection.


The Autumn Gift Tin is also ideal for sweetening up your office environment. Since each cookie is wrapped individually, you don’t have to worry about leaving them out on the breakroom table. I brought them to my office! Okay, so my office is my dining room table, but still! It counts because I sort of shared!

Both the Fall Cut-out Cookie Decorating Kit &  Autumn Gift Tin are available on Cheryl’s website, along with tons of other sweet treats. Be sure to browse around, as they have some other really yummy Halloween goodies. Keep an eye out on the top and side of the home page for special deals & discounts.

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