I love a good geeky craft and am always looking for some of the best ideas to put in my own house, and give out as gifts. I’ve been spinning around YouTube lately, and there are so many fun ideas if you like to make projects that lean to the geeky side. I’ve picked some of my favorites below and tried to include a mix of easy and medium level projects. Seriously though if you have crafting abilities, there are some very detailed ideas out there, but a glue gun and paint is more my style. Check out some of my favorite geeky craft DIY ideas below!

7 Fun Geeky Craft DIY Ideas That Will Make You Want To Get Crafty


Pokemon Bath Bombs

Oh? What’s that? What even slightly geeky person doesn’t recognize instantly the Pokemon Go eggs? That little bit of a thrill when your screen lit up with the giant green and white egg as you tromped around your local park trying to walk off just one more kilometer. These bath bombs would make a hilarious Christmas gift!

Tardis Light

Any Whovians out there? I found the cutest Tardis light, and you are going to want to try to make it yourself! This one does require a bit of patience, but the Tardis detail is only on one side which cuts down on the amount of painting. I love the galaxy swirls on the sides, and I bet the beautiful blue and purple swirls cast gorgeous light on the wall!

Mario Pixel Wall Décor

Ohh this idea caught my eye and would look fun in so many spots in the house! Check out this Mario wall décor made purposely to look like he is made of pixels! I love how this Youtuber left some of the small wooden blocks in this project natural color to give this piece a more polished look. How fun!

Game Of Thrones Phone Holder

I found this fun Game Of Thrones phone holder, and I knew I had to share! I honestly looked through about a dozen different tutorials, and this is by far the best one. Why? This one makes use of a hot glue gun instead of clay which is much easier to make. I have many things, but patience is not always one of them! You have to try out making this throne; the result is so cool!

Star Wars AT-AT Bookends

No matter how far digital I go, I still have paper books around my house. Check out these adorable Star Wars AT-AT bookends! This is a seriously adorkable project. I think I might make a set for my brother, I think he would love them!

DIY Color Changing Mugs

While there are many mugs out there, I love the idea of creating a personalized color changing mug! You can customize this to whatever you like! I would put a Game of Thrones dragon behind that heart in the video, yes!

Middle Earth Map

Lord Of The Rings fans, you have to try this one. Check out this Middle Earth Map! This easy DIY project is so cool that you are going to have to make more than one! Hang one in your favorite spot, and make a second for a gift!

So which one of these geeky craft ideas are you dying to DIY? Tell me your favorite down in the comments!

*Image via Pixabay