Guess what? It’s October! You know what that means, right? It’s finally socially acceptable to drag out all your Halloween decorations and start planning your spooktacular parties! Today I’m sharing a super simple and fun Halloween party craft that’s perfect for kids of just about all ages (due to small parts, obviously it’s not appropriate for a toddler, but beyond that, go for it!). Check out how easy it is to put together this cute activity, then read on for one of my all-time favorite places to buy all your Halloween party necessities.

This is such a super simple and fun Halloween party craft that's perfect for kids of just about all ages! Check it out!

Spooky Necklaces Halloween Craft for Kids

*Huge thanks to Oriental Trading Company for supplying all the items seen in this post  in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.


How to make:

There are two parts to this fun Halloween craft. For the first part, you’re basically putting all the supplies that kids will need to create the necklace into the adorable Cool Ghoulz gift boxes. Make sure you put more stretchy cord than you think they will actually need in each box, just in case they need to snip or add more. Keep the extras on hand for mistakes. Add a handful of the pony beads and the foam shape beads (you can either just grab a handful or separate it out and give each child an equal number of every color and shape). Put it all into the assembled boxes and close the lid!


This is such a super simple and fun Halloween party craft that's perfect for kids of just about all ages! Check it out!
When it’s time to make the spooky necklaces, sit the kids down at the table with their gift boxes. Give each kid a shallow baking pan, box lid or some sort of container to keep all of their supplies from rolling away. Trust me, this is an important step. Otherwise, the pony beads roll all over the place. For younger kids, you might want to tie off one end of the stretchy cord, leaving enough space at the end to tie the finished product together.

This is such a super simple and fun Halloween party craft that's perfect for kids of just about all ages! Check it out!

Let the kids come up with their own designs. I chose to alternate in a very specific way, but kids can pretty much do whatever they want here! Make sure they make their necklaces long enough to go over their  heads. When they are done, help them tie the two ends together and put a little dab of glue or clear nail polish on the knot to seal it. Voila! Spooky fun necklace!

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Oriental Trading Company has been my go-to source for cute craft ideas, party supplies and more ever since Jacob was a baby. I bought all of his 1st Birthday party stuff there (we did an Under the Sea theme). They have such a massive array of everything you can think of. Even the paper that I used as a background for the above pictures came from them! It’s their Fall Super 50 Paper Pack, in case you’re wondering.

While Oriental Trading Company has supplies for just about every holiday and event you can think of, they really go all out for Halloween. They quite literally are your Halloween Headquarters! You’ll find everything from the coolest Trick or Treat handouts to really costumes for the entire family (including the dog!), all at incredibly reasonable prices. It took me over four hours to narrow down my choices of what I wanted to check out from them because they just have SO much awesome stuff.

If you’re looking for more fun Halloween craft ideas, you’ll find loads of fun tutorials (230+, actually) on Oriental Trading Company’s website in their Halloween Ideas section. Check out Oriental Trading Company on Facebook. Twitter and Pinterest for even more inspiration. I also love their Instagram page, it’s full of gems like these:


Oriental Trading Company sent me some fun Christmas items too, so come back next month and see what I make with those! In the mean time, tell me in the comments about your favorite Halloween party craft ideas!