Have you seen the Kickstarter for the SpecialFX augmented reality system yet? Guys, this thing is beyond cool! The geniuses behind it sent me a prototype to try out and let me just tell you, this will be on every tween’s wish list once it hits the shelves. I had so much fun playing with it myself, I almost didn’t want to hand it over to my son!

What is SpecialFX Master?


SpecialFX Master is a system that combines props with an app to allow you to create realistic-looking special effects in your own videos. Basically, you put on or use the props, open the app, then start filming. As you’re filming, you can choose from one of the 10 unique special effects for each prop (for a total of 50). When you hit the effect, as long as your prop is in the shot, you’ll see it in real time! Record 5-second clips of yourself using the camera flip feature or outrageous action sequences with all your friends. When you’re done, save your creation right in the app and share it with everyone you know.


The entire concept is just so incredibly cool. I love how it really encourages kids to use their imaginations while still allowing them to use their favorite thing: technology. Our children live in a digital age, and while we want to limit their screen time as much as possible, we really need to come up with more ways to incorporate their passion for tech into our desire to keep them both active and imaginative. SpecialFX Master does both.


Kids can act out incredible action sequences, from robot escapes to alien invasions. This gets everyone from the actors to the “cameraman” moving quite a bit. As they gain more confidence with the props and the entire system, they’ll want to create more elaborate scenes, which not only engages their imaginations but may even help with their writing skills. You might find that you have your own budding screenwriter on hand!

Help SpecialFX Master Become a Reality

Right now, SpecialFX Master needs help to become a reality (pun intended). They need help to finish developing the app (I played with the beta and it was pretty awesome, so they can only go up from here!) and to provide proof of concept. I actually know what that means because I watch Shark Tank. Listen, I don’t jump on a lot of Kickstarters. Toys and tech are a dime a dozen these days, it takes a lot to make me say “wow, that’s freaking awesome.”

When SpecialFX first contacted me, though, my response was “this is probably the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time,” and it really is. The prototype surpassed my expectations and I really think that with the right backing, these guys can take this to amazing levels and bring us all a really awesome and engaging augmented reality system that will be loved by kids and adults alike.



To get a better idea of what you can do with it, check out this video that was made with SpecialFX Master (not by me, I’m just not that talented!):

If this sounds like something your family would love, visit the Kickstarter page and support SpecialFX Master! If you can’t afford to support them with money right now, share their Kickstarter on social media to get them more exposure. Every little bit helps!

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