Your favorite tween or teen is likely all about tech, and these robots are the perfect way to let them explore their creativity! Robotic is pretty high on the list of freaking cool techy STEM gifts you can buy, but it can be hard to sift through all of the crazy options. I’ve picked five of my very favorite robotics kits to help you out! I’ve ordered these kits from the most simple kit at the beginning, to the bigger and more complicated ideas at the end.

5 Incredibly Cool Tech Gifts For Teens Who Love To Build Robots

Looking for the best tech gifts for teens and tweens? Robots are the answer! These gifts rooted in STEM are the perfect way to spark their curiosity.

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OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

5 Incredibly Cool Tech Gifts For Teens Who Love To Build Robots: Solar Robot

If you kid is geeking out about real robots, a great start is the OWI 12-in1-Robot. This is a solar powered robot kit that actually makes fourteen distinct robots. This is a great kit for someone who is just starting building robots that can achieve a basic task. I think this is a fab first robot kind of kit for older kids as a basic introduction to how robots work in a budget friendly way.

Hubsan X4 4 Channel Quad Copter With Camera

5 Incredibly Cool Tech Gifts For Teens Who Love To Build Robots: Quad Helicopter With Camera

Not all robots are on the ground! Drones are popular because they are fun, but also will be used more often as we find even more uses for them. The Hubsan X4 4 Channel Quad Copter with Camera is a great starter drone for your teen or tween to explore. This is a budget friendly drone, but you may want to pick up extra batteries and an extra SDHC card to store the videos you record!

Sphero 2.0: The App-Enabled Robotic Ball

5 Incredibly Cool Tech Gifts For Teens Who Love To Build Robots: Sphero

Progressing further into the world of robots, the Sphero 2.0 is a very cool bot that you program yourself, but don’t build. This robot is a rolling ball is operated through an app on an apple or android phone. Sphero boasts to be waterproof, pet-proof and tons of fun! Along with controlling Sphero, this robot comes with many games that you can lead Sphero through and has quite a bit of functionality. This is great for the tween or teen who wants to further explore the programming side of robots but maybe isn’t quite ready to build their own robot from scratch.

Lego Mindstorms EV3

5 Incredibly Cool Tech Gifts For Teens Who Love To Build Robots: Lego Mindstorms

Go big or go home with the Lego Mindstorms EV3. Lego has long been a leader in robotic kits for all ages and has so many bells and whistles with this gigantic kit. This set includes directions to build five different robots and includes lots of good extras like connectivity to apple or android products via Bluetooth, a micro SD card, an infrared sensor and over five hundred and fifty building pieces to bring your robots to life. This kit leaves plenty of room for imagination and will have them building for days. If your tween or teen is geeking out over robotics, this is the kit you want to seriously consider.

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

5 Incredibly Cool Tech Gifts For Teens Who Love To Build Robots: Raspberry Pi

If you’re not deep into the world of computer tech or robotics, you may not be familiar at all with this Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit. If you have a teen or tween who is progressing further into computer programming and robotics, this is the gift you want to get them. These tiny computers can be programmed to do a variety of simple projects, but make no mistake this computer is powerful. Basic Raspberry Pi projects include setting up a motion sensor, creating a basic digital picture frame or streaming media to a new screen. This kit will get them started for a budget-savvy price, and most add-on accessories are fairly inexpensive. The Raspberry Pi is the most versatile item on this list for learning how to program robots, but I would recommend this for teens and tweens who have started learning basic programming skills.

So does your teen or tween love tech gift ideas like these robots? Do you know of any other fantastic robotics kits that have been amazing for your teen or tween? Tell me about it in the comments!