Looking for a fun eco-friendly gift idea for kids? I had a chance to check out the Tea Time Puzzle from Green Toys and it’s just awesome for little ones! Check out our review!


If you like the idea of children’s toys made out of recycled materials, you’ll want to check this one out! Green Toys is a California-based company that makes their toys and packaging out of 100% recycled materials like cardboard, water bottles, and milk jugs. In fact, recycled milk jugs are the primary component use in their toys. Everything from manufacturing to assembly and distribution of Green Toys is done in the United States. To me, that speaks volumes about a company!

Green Toys Tea Time Puzzle for Kids

Liam got to help me check out the Green Toys Tea Time Puzzle. He has a couple of Green Toys dump trucks, so I was excited to see what the puzzle was all about. This puzzle is for ages 1 and up and includes a 7.75” by 7.75” base along with 4 plastic puzzle pieces in the shape of a tea pot, cup, cupcake, and cupcake stand.

Green Toys Tea Time Puzzle

I took each puzzle piece out of the tray and watched Liam figure it out on his own. In between placing the pieces he would sip the cup or pretend to pour the tea. So while it’s a puzzle, he could use the pieces for pretend play, too. I like how the pieces are a durable plastic that I can wipe down if they get grimy. That’s always a plus when it comes to toys, isn’t it?

Something else I really like about this puzzle is how clean it feels. By that I mean that there was no funky plastic smell when we opened the box. There are no glued pieces or paint that I needed to worry about as Liam snuck them up to his mouth. Green Toys doesn’t use any glue, screws, or bolts in the construction of their toys, so parents don’t need to worry about that in terms of safety for their children. All in all, this was a cute puzzle set that kept Liam entertained and his little brain engaged.

Along with the Tea Time Puzzle there is also a Dump Truck Puzzle and Garden Puzzle that can be purchase separately. Check out the Green Toys website at www.greentoys.com to purchase or learn more about their environmentally friendly and safe toys for kids.