Looking for a fun holiday gift idea for kids of all ages? We just checked out the Turbo Runner Quadcopter Flying Drone from Odyssey Toys (in exchange for an honest review) and found that it was a lot of fun for everyone in the family! Read on to learn more, then find out where you can pick one up for your kids this holiday season!

Odyssey Toys Turbo Runner Quadcopter Flying Drone

Drones and flying toys seem to be making a surge this year. Kids (and kids at heart) love to zoom around remote control cars, but flying toys add a whole other level of fun to the mix.

Odyssey Toys is a company out of Miami, Florida that manufactures hi-tech toys and gadgets. They strive to make interactive products that are affordable and fun for all ages.


The Turbo Runner Quadcopter is a small flying drone by Odyssey Toys. Along with flying, the Turbo Runner Quadcopter has a rolling cage that protects it and allows it to roll up ceilings and walls. It also comes with a USB charger cord and a hand held remote control.


This drone has been pretty entertaining around our home. The rolling cage is a soft plastic that has a little give, so it helps the Turbo Runner bounce when it hits the floor or wall. By preventing a hard crash, this has really helped it hold up, especially as my husband and son got it calibrated. Once they did that, it’s a lot of fun watching it zoom across the room or roll along the ceiling. We wished it held a charge longer for as much fun as it is to use, as a full charge lasts about 5 minutes per the user manual.


We found with use that the Turbo Runner would be a great for teens and adults who love hi-tech toys. The rolling cage is definitely a valuable feature for protecting it from crashes and dings.


The Odyssey Toys Turbo Runner Quadcopter is available on Amazon. To learn more about Odyssey Toys and other drones available, check them out on their website at www.odysseytoys.com.

Do your kids love drones? Do you think they’d have fun with the Turbo Runner Quadcopter?