Need the perfect gift idea for your favorite snack fanatic? I have some really exciting news for you! SnackNation, everyone’s favorite office snack subscription service, is now available for your home, too. I got to try out a box filled with yummy treats in exchange for sharing the news.  They’re celebrating their launch into households across America with a pretty awesome deal, too. You can get a free box of healthy snacks delivered right to your door this holiday season.

What Makes SnackNation Special?


Every great subscription service has something special about it that helps it stand out in a sea of similar boxes. I’ve reviewed a lot of snack boxes in the past, and the best ones always had a story. SnackNation’s backstory is pretty amazing. It began with a mission to get healthier snacks into the hands of office workers everywhere. Sean Kelly, the founder of SnackNation, began by transforming vending machines in thousands of office buildings, replacing sugary treats with healthier options. Later, in 2013, his company launched SnackNation to continue that mission by delivering a variety of different snacks so everyone could try something new every month.

Let’s be honest, healthy snacks are so hit or miss. Some of them taste so amazing that you’d never believe they’re better for you. Others, eh, not so much. Another problem: healthier treats are usually more expensive than their junk food counterparts. With that in mind, I’m just not likely to go to the grocery store and buy a full-size bag of the “better for you” option without trying it first. Likewise, if I’m famished and hitting a vending machine after scraping together change from the bottom of my purse (no one carries cash anymore, right?), I’m more likely to grab something tried and true, even if it is full of calories and sugar.


snack-nation-1SnackNation takes the risk out of trying healthier options by curating different options into one great box. They make it fun and easy to try out new things without plunking down your hard-earned money on something that you just might not enjoy. If you don’t like one item in the box, no problem, you have plenty of others to choose from! On top of that, they also donate 10 meals to Feeding America for every box sold, so your snack habit can actually help others in need.


Up until now, SnackNation only delivered to offices and other workplaces. Today, however, they’re finally available to everyone. Each SnackNation box for households comes with 15 different goodies. That’s great news for snackers, right? My box was filled with so many yummy-sounding options, I really didn’t know where to start. Okay, that’s a lie, I started with the barkThins because I love the combination of dark chocolate and almonds. After that, though, I had a hard time deciding what to try next. Even with sharing the box with my family, I had a chance to try out plenty of different snacks and discover new favorites (like the Clif Bar Nut Butter, SOOOO good!!).

Head over to SnackNation and grab your free box! Follow SnackNation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with their news and get a peek at some of the yummy treats that just might show up in your box!

What types of healthy snacks would you love to see in your box? Share in the comments!