Getting rid of allergens in your home can feel like a non-stop battle. As someone who suffers from seasonal allergies from first thaw to first frost, I know that struggle all too well. Even once the weather changes and all the outdoor allergen-sources die off, I’m still sniffly and sneezy from dust. Then there’s my poor husband. He’s allergic to cats. Years ago, he developed an immunity to our kitties. Then we split up for nearly a decade. The good news? We just got back together. The bad news? He lost all that immunity. While he rebuilds it, he’s been kind of miserable.

We vacuum and sweep the house often. We also use air purifiers in just about every room. While that definitely helps cut down on allergens in the carpets and the air, it doesn’t do much for all the other fabric surfaces in my house, like our sofas, beds or even our winter coats. That’s where the RAYCOP RS2 is a real life-saver. It doesn’t just suck up allergens, it sanitizes any fabric surface in your house. Basically, it zaps those allergens into oblivion.

Zap Allergens into Oblivion with RAYCOP RS2

Zap dust, dander and other allergens around your home quickly and easily with RAYCOP RS2!

The RAYCOP RS2 is an easy-to-use handheld purifier designed to sanitize pretty much every fabric-based surface throughout your entire home. It works by both sucking up (extracting) pollen, dust, dander and bacteria from the surfaces AND sanitizing the fabric through its Patented RayClean Technology®. That patented tech includes a dual filtration system with a main dust box holder and a HEPA filter to capture over 99% of the allergens on the surfaces as well as a UV light to totally wreck the DNA of the allergen. It’s also 3x more effective than a standard vacuum when it comes to getting deep down clean.

Zap dust, dander and other allergens around your home quickly and easily with RAYCOP RS2!

I love how easy (and fun!) it is to use. The RAYCOP RS2 is a handheld device, so you don’t have to push, pull or lug a heavy machine all throughout the house. It’s very satisfying to run it across my sofa or bed and know that I’m zapping microscopic nasties. After just 2 seconds, the RAYCOP RS2 extracts 99.9% of bacteria on the surface. After 1 minute, 99.8% of pollen is gone and after 3 minutes, over 90% of household dust has bit the dust.

Zap dust, dander and other allergens around your home quickly and easily with RAYCOP RS2!

Since it operates on three modes (Delicate, Normal and Heavy), it’s gentle enough to use on things like your favorite winter coat and that cozy quilt. You’ll even save water and energy since you don’t have to wash your linens as often in the washer. I use it on my mattress, sheets and duvet cover, switching modes as I move from piece to piece. Did you know that over 10 million dust mites and a plethora of bacteria and viruses live in your mattress? Your pillow is also one of the dirtiest things in your house. In fact, it’s even dirtier than your toilet bowl!

Zap dust, dander and other allergens around your home quickly and easily with RAYCOP RS2!
I can’t stand washing my couch cushion covers because it’s such a project. Taking off all the covers, hoping the cats don’t shred the fluff inside while it’s exposed, stuffing it all back together at the end: it’s time-consuming and irksome. It’s SO much easier to just run the RAYCOP over the fabric for a few minutes. I even use it on my dogs’ beds.

We host a holiday party in our home every year, so I’ll definitely be pulling out the RAYCOP RS2 before everyone arrives. I have multiple family members that are allergic to cats and dogs. My brother will be here with his two young kids (my niece turns 3 on Christmas day and my nephew will be around 8 months when we host our party). Since Aidan will probably be crawling, I want to make sure the sofa and other fabric surfaces within his reach are as clean as possible.

Whether you suffer from allergies or just want to get your home extra clean, I highly recommend the RAYCOP RS2. It’s definitely made a huge difference in my home in just the short time that I’ve been using it. Visit the RAYCOP website to learn more about all the great uses for the RS2.  Follow RAYCOP on Twitter and subscribe to the RAYCOP eNewsletter to keep up with their news.


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