Christmas time is here, and it’s time to bring on the Charlie Brown holiday decorations! The Charlie Brown Christmas special is one of my absolute favorites every year, and I like to add a touch of this fun classic into my holiday décor. Whether you are looking for an idea that’s big, small, or cozy I’ve got a fantastic list of decoration ideas to try! Check out the list below.

9 Charlie Brown Christmas Decorations To Spread A Little Love


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Get A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

If you want a simple touch of Peanuts, this super easy Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is an easy way to decorate your home! I have one of these little trees and it never feels like Christmas entirely until it’s displayed.

Make Your Door Into Snoopy’s Doghouse

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This adorable decoration was made for a school classroom door, but how cute would this be in your home? My kiddo would flip to have this on her door, but it would also be perfect for that closet you don’t go in as often. How fun!

Hide Your Christmas Cookies In This Snoopy And Woodstock Cookie Jar

9 Charlie Brown Christmas Decorations To Spread A Little Love- Snoopy Cookie Jar

Here’s a good idea that also makes a fantastic present. You have to have somewhere to store all those Christmas cookies right? Check out this adorable Snoopy and Woodstock Cookie Jar! I love that this one is fun for my holiday cookies, but I could leave this out a little longer!

Add Charlie Brown Pillows To Your Living Room

9 Charlie Brown Christmas Decorations To Spread A Little Love- Charlie Brown Pillows


Pillows are a super easy way to brighten up your space for the holidays. No need to buy a whole new set, instead pick up these Charlie Brown Pillow Covers to brighten up your space! I found this one designed in two styles!

  1. Snoopy’s Christmas Dog House
  2. Peanuts Gang Singing Hark The Herold Angels Sing.

Deck Out Your Snack Tray

This fun snack tray complete with fun Snoopy and Woodstock stuffies. Did you see the sweet Charlie Brown Snack cups too? I want to curl up on this couch and watch the Christmas special!

Decorate Your Bookcase With These Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Lot Figurines

9 Charlie Brown Christmas Decorations To Spread A Little Love- Peanuts Figurines

What a perfect gift is this to set up on your mantel! I have to be honest, I’m more than a little biased on this one because right now it’s sitting on my bookcase. It is the sweetest little Charlie Brown figurine set, and it makes me smile every time I pass it!

Create Snoopy’s Doghouse Out Of Gingerbread

How adorable is this gingerbread house made to look like Snoopy’s dog house? Make sure to have lots of red icing on hand to give this one a try. Adorable!

Hang Charlie Brown And Snoopy Ornaments

Here is some great inspiration for a project that doesn’t look too hard to do. Check out these adorable ornaments! How fun would these be to hang on a piece of garland across your bookcase or mantel? They also make great gifts!

Make Lucy’s Psychiatric Help Desk

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The doctor is in! You could make this idea out of cardboard or wood, just make sure you don’t forget a can for your nickels. This project is a little bigger, but I can see it making an adorable play house or decoration for your front lawn!

So are you a Charlie Brown fan, or someone in your family? Which one of these Charlie Brown Christmas decorations would you add to your festivities? I want to hear about it in the comments!