Decking the halls with boughs of holly isn’t exactly all fa, la, la when you’re short on space! I have a fairly decent-sized house yet I still have zero surface space left for extravagant holiday decor. That doesn’t stop me from getting into the festive spirit and spreading cheer throughout my rooms. I’ve just learned to adapt a bit and take better advantage of the space I do have. Check out my tips for decking your small halls, plus read on for how to make your own super simple DIY Button Christmas Tree wall decoration!

This DIY Button Christmas Tree craft is perfect for decorating those small spaces! Check out more decor ideas for when you're short on surface space!

Deck Your Small Halls with Christmas Cheer

Thank you to Oriental Trading Company for providing the decor and craft supplies featured in this post. All opinions are my own.

Take advantage of empty wall space


Like I said, I’m short on surfaces for decor, but I have plenty of wall space left! My hallway was completely devoid of decor, so I started there. After all, we walk down that hallway dozens of times a day, why shouldn’t it be cherry? I got these cute Christmas print hanging fans from Oriental Trading Company and hung them along my stairwell. It’s hard to get a great pic of them because of the awkward angle, but you get the idea!

Dual-purpose decor

When you’re short on surface space, any decor that takes up those spaces needs to have a real purpose. One way to do that is swap out your regular dishes for holiday-themed ones. I’m not saying you have to put all your regular dishes in storage for the season, that would be crazy! You could, however, get some cute snowman mugs for hot cocoa and, of course, a festive cookie tray for all those yummy treats! I have a Peanuts Christmas Cookie Platter that I’ll be setting out once I get the yummy stuff made.

Under your mantle!


My mantle is one spot where I can usually find some room for festive decor that actually needs to sit on something. Since all that space is currently claimed by family tradition items, I went under my mantle for new decor. I love this Christmas Countdown Stocking Garland! The little stockings are just the right size for hiding small treats in.


Door decor

Just like your hallway walls, the doors in your home are often an untapped source filled with space waiting to be covered. I’ve tried those cool door wrap things that you can buy at the dollar store (and more expensive versions as well), but they never make it through longer than a week. You’re better off going with removable wall decals if you want to go big. You can also get super festive and hang wreaths on every door in your house! There is no such thing as wreath overkill.

DIY Button Christmas Tree Craft

I actually went another direction this year for my door that leads to my garage. I made a button Christmas tree, then glued it to contrasting winter-themed scrapbook paper, hung it from a string and hung that on my door instead of a wreath. Read on for how to make it.

Button Christmas Tree Wall Hanging Craft


  • Cardboard, cut into the shape of a tree
  • Green acrylic paint
  • Christmas colored buttons (like these from Oriental Trading Company)
  • Winter-themed scrapbook paper (12×12)
  • Glue (I used some sort of Tacky Glue for crafts)
  • Red Glitter (optional)

How to make it:

Cut out your cardboard into a tree shape.

DIY Button Christmas Tree Craft

Paint it green and let it dry. I added some glitter to the in-between spaces as I went along, but you might want to do that now so you’re not getting it all over the buttons later. You can also skip the glitter.


DIY Button Christmas Tree Craft

Plan your button pattern (not required, but it does help!)

DIY Button Christmas Tree Craft

Glue the buttons to the tree shape row by row until you get to the top.


DIY Button Christmas Tree Craft

Let it dry, then glue it to the center of your scrapbook paper.

Let it dry again, then hang it! You can also frame it and prop it up on your mantle, if you prefer.

If you take advantage of all the untapped space in your house, you can deck the halls, the walls and even the ceiling with plenty of festive decor!

Did you start decorating for Christmas yet? What are some of your favorite decorations?