Fa la la la la, it’s time to deck your halls with awesome DIY geeky Christmas ornaments! Whether you are a fan of Game of Thrones, Star Trek or old school video games like Mario Brothers you have to see this list. Make your holidays sparkle and shine, in your own nerdy way of course. We all have that one show, movie or game we geek out about? Check out the list and get ready to make your holidays a little brighter.

13 Awesome DIY Geeky Christmas Ornaments To Make Your Holiday Complete


Game Of Thrones Dragon’s Eggs

I can’t be the only one out there who is obsessed with Game of Thrones. Check out these pretty dragon eggs to make. These look so easy to make, and is such a fun nod to GOT on your tree!

Stranger Things

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I need this stranger Things ornament in my life! Christmas lights and this show are just meant to be together.

Emoji Ornaments

Is there anything Emojis aren’t on these days? Seriously though, these DIY ornaments are super cute and would make great little gifts!

Star Trek Sparkly Baubles

All you need is a little paint, some sparkly ornaments, and a little patience, and before you know it the Star Trek command symbol will be decking your tree. I can see this making a great gift!

Disney Princesses And Villains Ornaments

Cheap, simple and adorable? These Disney-inspired ornaments are calling my name! I’ve shared the video to make the princesses, but if you click through to the YouTube channel, the same person also did a video for the villains. I need all of these in my life!

Pacman Ornaments

How funny is it to think about Pacman running around your Christmas tree from the Ghosts? I have to try this one right away!

Nightmare Before Christmas Bulbs


Jack and Sally! Could you have friendlier faces adorning your Christmas tree? I always watch this movie at Halloween and again at Christmas. These are super fun!

Pokémon Snow Globes

If you caught all the Pokémon, then you may want to prove it! Check out this fun idea for a DIY snow globe with Pokémon figurines. How fun would it be to have all of the Pokémon you caught displayed on your tree!

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Ornament

I am such a Harry Potter fan; you better believe I have a few Harry Potter ornaments on my tree. What I don’t yet have is a golden snitch, and I am loving this tutorial! The finished project came out amazing; I may make these as a Christmas present!

Oh Christmas Tree Hard Drive

OMG, we all know that techie person in our lives (me included!) who would be absolutely over the moon over this fun circuit board tree. Get out your trusty hot glue gun. This may even double as stress relief as you break an old circuit board to make this fun ornament!

Legend of Zelda In Stitches

I died laughing because it’s just too fun. Any old school video games fan? This little nod to Legend of Zelda should be on your tree. If you don’t know how to sew, why not recreate this design with paint?

Minecraft Ornaments

Minecraft fans will love this fun Steve and Creeper ornaments. You may need a steady hand with this, but I like that she suggests a Sharpie to get the details just right!

Mario Brothers Holiday Ornaments

The old school games get better and better! I seriously love how Princess Peach is wearing a festive dress. Mario jumping in a Santa suit, I love it! Who wants to make me one?

So which of these awesome DIY geeky Christmas ornaments do you want to try? I’ve got to make the Golden Snitch, and my husband would be over the moon for the Star Trek ornaments. Tell me your favorites in the comments!