Sometimes the amount of things on my holiday checklist gets to be too much, and I just need some fun Christmas videos to make me laugh. Some of these videos sum up how I feel about the stressful parts about the holidays, others of them are some major parenting goals, and some just make me laugh! Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed or you’re decked out in a full tinsel sweater, there is going to be a funny Christmas video on this list to make you laugh!

7 Funny Christmas Videos About Being A Parent At The Holidays To Make You Laugh


“The Holidays” Movie Trailer

Feeling overwhelmed by the holidays already? Me too, I think we all are. This epic trailer though hilariously sums up how I feel about tackling making holiday magic!

Family Dance Video

Does your family have any major traditions when you get the whole group together? This large family of eight siblings always makes a dance video complete with wearing their mom’s fun Christmas sweaters. I don’t’ know if my family is this talented, but it sure would be fun trying!

Let’s Get Elfed

The same family that brought us the now infamous “Christmas Jammies” video a few years back did a fun video in Elf PJs last year. My mom writes one of those Christmas letters in her cards every year? This is similar, but multiply it times a million!

Jimmy Kimmel Giving Kids Terrible Presents

From mean tweets to funny pranks Jimmy Kimmel is always up to tricks. This video mix where he purposefully asked parents to give their kids gifts they wouldn’t like is pretty funny. This is the second video in the series, which was even funnier than the first! Some of the kids, of course, didn’t react well, but I think the kids who were the most fun to watch were the ones who did get excited about the terrible presents. Potato kid at the end is my favorite, with his brother proclaiming the potato a better present is hilarious!

Ugly Sweater Parody

It’s that time of year again. Let your ugly Christmas sweater shine! I swear my crazy holiday sparkle and shine collection has gotten even crazier since having a kid. You’re much more likely to find me dressed like these girls these days!

All I Want For Christmas Is You- A Very Instagram Christmas

Sometimes Christmas can feel overwhelming, and when you add getting the perfect picture for social media into the mix it can feel stressful. This video will give you  laugh about Instagram and the holidays, do you filter? Haha.

Doug The Pug- All I Want For Christmas Is Food

Some people are at the Christmas party to laugh and spend time with friends and families. Others are, well Doug the Pug. Haha Is this you? My kid usually zeros in on one item and that’s all she wants to eat at a holiday party She looks at me with this same look, ha!

Ok, so I have to know which of these funny Christmas videos about parents and kids made you laugh the hardest? Tell me down in the comments!