Add some extra geeky cheer this year to your holiday with spectacular fandom approved Christmas decorations! Whether you are a fan of Star Wars, Dr. Who, Harry Potter or Pokémon, there is some fun and inspirational holiday décor to try down here. Somehow I suddenly have so many projects to make! Check out this list for your holiday inspiration!

9 Cheery Geeky Christmas Decorations You Need To Try


R2D2 Star Wars Marque Lights

This DIY video includes more than one DIY, but my favorite is the giant R2D2 marque lights at the beginning. How fun are those near your tree? This vlogger also teaches you to make a Christmas Stormtrooper pillow, Candy Cane light saber decorations, and a snow globe!

Dr. Who Gingerbread Tardis

You could build a regular gingerbread house, or you could make this amazing Tardis Gingerbread house this year. This tutorial even includes a lighted top, how amazingly cool!

Batman Wreath

Send out the bat signal, Christmas is coming! Check out this fun Batman wreath that should be decorating your door.

Harry Potter Tree

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Make the house extra festive by adding a magical Harry Potter Tree to your house! This tree made me laugh from the sorting hat on top to the house scarf garland, and of course, the giant Harry Potter glasses! This is perfect for the uber Potter fan!

Pikachu Pokémon Wreath

I put up my new Pika Claus wreath today! ?????

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Pokémon fans, how fun is this holiday Pokémon wreath with Pikachu smiling from the center? This will brighten my wall and my holiday!

Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath

I am totally guilty of sometimes leaving my holiday decorations up too long. I just love to look at them! This fun Nightmare Before Christmas man-eating wreath you can leave up for Halloween or Christmas, plus it’s just hilarious!

Star Wars Wreath

This wreath sure is jolly and festive! This is perfect if you’re looking to add just a touch of fandom but want to keep things on the lighter side. I know the perfect person for this gift!

Lego Mario Decoration

How many of us have more than a few Legos laying around? Me too! Why not make some of those bricks into Christmas Mario’s to decorate your house? This is a decoration the whole family can help you make! If you have Duplo or other larger blocks, your Santa Mario will be even bigger!

Book Tree

EN: Early today I was thinking to do this book tree again but I’ve changed my mind because I loved it. It’s not quite what I wanted to do but I like it. All the balls colors are popping and my cute Funkos and Harry Potter collection made me love it even more. Follow the igs I tagged. ?⚡? . PT: Hoje mais cedo eu estava pensando em fazer essa árvore de livros novamente, mas eu mudei de idéia porque eu amei. Não está exatamente como eu queria fazer mas eu gosto. As cores de todas as bolas estão bem vibrantes e meus Funkos e minha coleção de Harry Potter me faz amar ainda mais. Sigam os igs marcados. ?⚡? . #bibliophile #bookporn #bookaholic #bookgasm #bookaddict #geektree #booktree #readers #giibooks #bookishtree #treeofbooks #bookphotography #christmastree #bookstagram #barnesandnobleleatherboundclassics #barnesandnoblecollectables #booksofinstagram #leatherboundbooks #bookishlove #bookworm #booknerd #potterhead #leatherboundclassics #barnesandnoble #collectorsedition #mybooks #geekchristmastree #hardcover #xmasbooktree #xmastree

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So this Christmas Tree is Harry Potter themed and is fantastical. You could, however, take some of your favorite books and make a fun giant Christmas Tree and then decorate with your favorite fandom just like this tree. I want one!

There are so many cool ideas on there; I really don’t know where to start. I’m leaning towards the Star Wars marquee light, but I really can’t decide. Which of these geeky Christmas decorations would you make first?