Last week, Hasbro celebrated the Global Day of Joy by rallying their employees around the globe to help make the world a better place for kids. As a Hasbro Ambassador, I am proud to share the great work that they did not just on that day, but throughout the season.

If you’re a regular reader, you know that Hasbro partnered with generationON to teach kids about kindness and empathy. We created our very own kindness jar to encourage my son to make compassion a daily part of his life. We also made a Doggie Bag and talked about ways to help homeless pets during the holidays and throughout the year. Hasbro inspired us to think about ways to make kindness and empathy a bigger part of our everyday lives and encourage others to do the same. During the Global Day of Joy, they took their mission to a whole new level and brought that joy to kids around the world.

Global Day of Joy with Hasbro

During the Global Day of Joy, Hasbro empowers all of their employees worldwide to combine their philanthropic spirit and get together to engage in community service projects. On this day, an incredible 93% of their employees across over 40 countries gave back to their communities in some way. When you consider that they average participation for corporate volunteer programs is just around 30%, that’s even more amazing.

Even more incredible, 95, 000 children were impacted by the 237 Global Day of Joy projects worldwide. For example, over 20,000 local kids benefited from the Elementary School Toy Drop in Providence, Central Falls and, of course, the home of Hasbro Headquarters, Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Volunteers packed and delivered toys and games to every public elementary school in the towns. Thousands of miles away in Peru, volunteers got together to help renovate a pediatric orthopedic rehabilitation center for children with physical disabilities. The project actually began during the summer and the official ribbon cutting ceremony took place on the Global Day of Joy.

BE FEARLESS BE KIND on the Global Day of Joy

Hasbro’s largest¬†philanthropic initiative ever, the BE FEARLESS BE KIND initiative, is designed to empower kids to stand up for others when they see bullying and show compassion and empathy for all. On Global Day of Joy, activities to put that into action included a celebration in three Rhode Island schools who have participated in generationOn’s Rules of Kindness Challenge. Each of the schools had their students work on projects that showed kindness towards others.


Global Day of Joy is just one of the many ways Hasbro gives back to the community. They are also a long-time partner supporting the Marine-run Toys for Toys program, donating more about $3million in toys and games to children in need each year, and a total of $6 million throughout all programs each holiday season. In RI alone, they donated more than 20,000 items, enough for every child in the Toys for Tots program to receive one toy or game.


I love that Hasbro is so committed to giving back. It is really important to me as a parent to support companies that help make the world a better place for my son.