How many of you start your year off with a list of New Year’s resolutions that read the same every year? This year I’m breaking the mold and trying some new ideas. These resolutions are meant to help me be less stressed, be healthier, and are little changes that are totally possible. ready to make the next year fantastic? Pick a one or a few of these New Year’s resolutions off the list and you are ready to take on the year!

23 Little New Year’s Resolutions To Make You Happy This Year

23 Little New Year’s Resolutions To Make You Happy This Year 23 Little New Year’s Resolutions To Make You Happy This Year

  1. Spend more time in nature. Seriously, watch your stress level and blood pressure go down with this one. Start by aiming for once per week.
  2. Read the book first before seeing the movie. Make your list now of books to read before you see the movie. This is always a list I personally enjoy!
  3. Try doing one specific exercise a day. A plank? Ten sit-ups? Start a new healthy habit now in just a few minutes per day.
  4. Pick a word for the year, and live by it! This is your mantra, your inspiration. My word this year is focus, what’s yours?
  5. Try some of your Pinterest pins. This can go hand in hand with trying new recipes, and I’m sure my house will be much prettier if I try more of my Pinterest ideas, there are so many fantastic ideas out there! You can also search Pretty Opinionated Pinterest boards for great ideas!
  6. Smile more. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Watch your own day improve as you actively try to smile more.
  7. Drink more water. Improve your skin and your mood by adding extra water to your day. My favorite tricks are to keep a marked water bottle on hand so I can keep track easily of how much I’ve drank.
  8. Cook a new recipe every week. That’s four a month, totally possible.
  9. Limit your coffee runs. I have been spending way too much cash on coffee shops, so I’m buying myself a monthly gift card. Once the gift card is empty for the month, I’m only drinking my coffee at home.
  10. Learn a new party trick. Maybe it’s a really killer joke, or a card trick. Learn something new to amaze your friends and family.
  11. Use your manners. Saying please and thank you isn’t just polite, it helps improve everyone’s day. Actively try to say please and thank you to family, friends, restaurant servers and cashiers and watch your mood improve.
  12. Arrive on time. I’m perpetually rolling in on time or a minute or two late. This year I’m going to push myself to be a few minutes early and not make others wait for me.
  13. Be in more photos. I am the queen of ducking out of the photo. This year I vow to take more selfies with my family and friends. The silly shots are the ones I treasure most.
  14. Create a bedtime routine. Sleep has so many health benefits, and most of us don’t get enough of it. Start setting a regular routine of hitting the hay thirty minutes earlier.
  15. Clean the cat litter every day. It takes two minutes to scoop the box, and everyone will be happier with it clean- especially the cat.
  16. Recycle more! How many times have you thrown something that could go in recycling in the trash? I will rinse out those yogurt containers this year!
  17. Floss your teeth more. Your dentist will thank you. Buying those little floss picks that are already pre-strung helps me remember.
  18. Wear clothes that make you happy. The flip side of this resolution is to clear out all those clothes in the bottom of your drawer that never see the light of day. It’s time to be lighter and feel fabulous.
  19. Start a new friendship. Try introducing yourself to someone new, or even someone you may see regularly. Strike up a conversation about how their holiday was, did they see the new Star Wars movie, or just smile and say hello.
  20. Take care of yourself once a week. Take a nap, paint your toe nails, read that book you’ve been meaning to open. Aim for at least once a week practicing regular self-care.
  21. Call your mom, sister, dad, grandma, brother. During the holidays I know I usually will reconnect with family a little more. Maintain those relationships with a phone call more often.
  22. Travel somewhere new. Whether you’re finally planning a vacation, or you add a day road trip to your list, this idea will shake up your routine. Make some memories and explore someplace new.
  23. Change your hair. New Year, New Hair! A new haircut, color or style that’s different from your normal routine always makes me feel fresher. It’s more than time for me to freshen up my own look.

So which of these New Year’s resolution ideas will you add to your list? Tell me what you are trying to change this year in the comments!

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