So here we are, DAYS before Christmas. DAYS, my friends! I am almost done shopping. I just need a few stocking stuffers, then I can call it a wrap (pun intended!). While I do love shopping online, there are some gifts that I just need to see and touch before committing to them. Especially things like clothing. The problem? I have little to no patience for standing in lines. I try to shop during off hours, but during the last minutes of the holiday season, there are no off hours.


So what is an impatient last-minute shopper to do? I’m glad you asked! I partnered with Sam’s Club to share their new Scan & Go App to save you time during your last-minute holiday shopping. Now, I can just head to Sam’s Club, load up my Scan & Go App, and shop away!

Last-Minute Shopping Without the Lines at Sam’s Club!


scan-and-go-app-sams-clubSam’s Club came out with the best thing ever for impatient people like me: the Scan & Go App. Once you download it on your iPhone or Android phone, you will never have to stand in a long line ever again. Here’s how it works:

  • Head to your local Sam’s Club (make sure you have a membership, of course). Once inside, load up your app and sign in. The app has a digital copy of your membership card stored on it.


  • sams-club-scan-and-go-2Scan the barcode on your items to add them to your virtual cart as you add them to your real cart. If the item doesn’t have a barcode, you can use the “Find an Item” feature to look it up.


  • When you’re done, check out and pay for everything right on the app.
  • Head to the door and show the receipt checker person the receipt on your app.
  • Hop in your car and go home!

How insanely awesome and easy is that? You can track what you’re spending along the way so there are no surprises when you check out. Go over budget? No problem! Just swipe to delete. Please be courteous though and put the unwanted item back where you found it. Sam’s Club has gift ideas for the whole family, from the hottest video games for your kids to the coziest jammies for your mom. Of course, you can also buy all the essentials for your home, like paper towels, coffee and more. I grabbed a ginormous bag of cat food for my feral kitties on sale for $14. I also found the prettiest LED lights for my Christmas tree on sale for just $8-ish! They were originally $18!

One word of advice for new members who haven’t registered yet: I signed up for my Sam’s Club membership the same day I went shopping. I did have a bit of an issue registering my membership through the app. If this happens to you, just load up your web browser on your phone and head to the Sams Club website, then register that way. Then sign in on the app. That worked just fine for me.

You can even buy tech items through the Scan & Go App. For some items, you will need an associate to come out and give it to you. Things like the newest games are kept behind the counter to avoid theft. I bought a new keyboard through the app, though, and it was as easy as buying the 84-pack of coffee that I grabbed that day (which, FYI, is already gone so I’ll need to make another trip soon!).

One really great thing about buying tech from Sam’s Club is the  Sam’s Club 24/7 Tech Support. That 24/7, by the way, even includes holidays. So if you buy your grandmother a new laptop so she can Skype with the kids, someone will be on hand even on Christmas Day to help her set it up.

Life is hectic enough during the holidays. No one has time to stand in line on top of everything else! With Sam’s Club Scan & Go, you can still experience the joy of holiday shopping in an actual store without the hassle of waiting in line for an hour to check out. It’s seriously awesome!

Are you a Sam’s Club member? Have you tried the Scan & Go app yet? What are your thoughts?