Do your kids like to watch the TV show, Super Wings? This children’s show follows Jett, a red airplane, who travels around the world introducing children to different cities and cultures while helping to deliver packages to those in need.  Whether your little ones love this adventurous cartoon or have an infatuation with planes in general, here are a couple of toys you’ll want to check out!


Super Wings Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

*I received the toys below in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

The Super Wings World Airport is an iconic part of the show. This playset by Auldey Toys includes lights and sounds, along with movable parts for the kids to interact with and create their own scenes and missions. These parts include the tilt and release launch, elevator lift, rotating luggage carousel, and a spinning fly bar.

Two characters are included as well to zoom around the airport. Kids can easily transform Jett and Donnie from plane to bot for any mission they imagine.


Liam was ready to bust the box open on the Super Wings World Airport before I was ready! He really likes to shoot the planes down the ramp and spin them around on the fly bar. The lights and sounds from the control tower definitely add to the fun. The two planes included with the airport are convenient to have on hand and add to the amount of playtime. Liam occasionally shares one with his siblings so they can play along, too. This is a nice sized playset and I like how the ramps are removable for storage. Otherwise, there isn’t any set up involved the next time Liam wants to play with it. All good things in my book!


Along with the Super Wings World Airport we also checked out the Jett Transforming Plane by Auldey Toys. Jett is the main character in the TV show, and probably the most identifiable for kids. He is about 5 inches tall and can go from a plane to a robot in 10 steps. There are no batteries required, so kids can just turn and flip the pieces from one machine to the other.



Both the transforming Jett and the Super Wings World Airport Playset are ideal for boys and girls over 3 years of age. They are durable toys and have held up well to a toddler who occasionally plays a little rough.

Does your child have a favorite Super Wings character? The Transforming figures are also available for Donnie, Dizzy, Grand Albert, Bello, and Mira! They retail for just $8.99 along with the Super Wings World Airport for $44.99, making them ideal gifts for your little Super Wings fans!

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