I love apps that save me money for doing almost nothing! Some of my favorite apps pay me money in cash, gift cards and other rewards. Other apps keep me from spending unnecessary cash by giving me coupons on the spot for groceries, or retail stores. Add a little extra change to your bank account with some of my favorite and savviest money saving apps below!

7 Savvy Apps That Save You Money

7 Savvy Apps That Save You Money


Ibotta is an app that should be on everyone’s phone. Scroll through the offers right after you’ve gone shopping, scan a few labels and receipts, and tah-dah! It’s the ease of couponing without actually cutting coupons. Ibotta isn’t just for groceries, they always seem to have a great selection of retail stores such as clothing, craft, and electronics stores for example where you can rack up more cash. If you like beer and cocktails, make sure to check in for deals both in the grocery and at many restaurants, some even for any restaurant! The cash out is a minimum of $20. Refer a friend and you both get a nice cash reward! You can redeem rewards using Paypal, Veemo, or score gift cards.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is another grocery app where you can snap your receipts and earn cash. I find Checkout 51’s selection is less then Ibotta, but the products they have featured are almost always different. Checkout 51 also always has a fresh produce credit that you can pick, and includes a lot of pharmacy and paper products like paper towels or toilet paper.


Is it time to fill up? Open up your GasBuddy App and you’ll know the gas station a mile further down the road is fifteen cents cheaper! Gas Buddy also sends you alerts when they estimate prices are going up so you can top off your tank while the prices are still down.


Mobisave features mostly food and toiletry items such as soap and shampoo. The list at Mobisave is small, and you have to select your “deals” before you shop. (Mobisave resets the deals you’ve selected after the weekend every week) While it might feel like a pain to select deals before you shop I continue to use this app because they pay out immediately. No waiting for a high minimum to cash out, that quarter goes to my Paypal account right now!

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog feels a little bit silly when you log in, but keep the pig fed with snaps of your receipts and you will earn rewards. What I like about this app is anywhere you buy food or products such as clothing and home goods, you can snap. Rewards can be redeemed to Paypal, Amazon credit, or for limited magazine subscriptions. I think of this app more like the penny jar on my dresser. It takes a while to add up, but it does add up!


Do you like treasure hunts? Shopkik will pay you in gift cards just by walking around! Earn rewards for walking to the front of the store with the app open, scanning specific products, and extra for buying specific items within stores. I’ve turned it into a game with my kiddo, help me find the right cheese kid! Haha, but it works.


How many of you shop from either your android or using Chrome? I do! So I was so excited when I discovered a little chrome extension called Honey. On the chrome extension when you get to the shopping cart part of your purchase, Honey will automatically run any coupon codes in its database. More than once I’ve saved money, shipping costs or both using Honey or an item I was about to buy anyway! I have seen they have a Honey Android app also, though I do not have an android to test how good the app is. The Chrome extension though and I are best buds, I’ve definitely saved some cash!

So tell me about your favorite money saving apps? Do you have a favorite not listed? Do you use any of the apps on my list? Tell me in the comments!