I don’t need an excuse to spend a night in, but these geeky board games are totally worth staying home for! Sometimes we stay in to save a little money, other times we stay in playing board games because they are a fun way to reconnect with your family. No matter your reasons, these games will keep you coming back! I’ve named some of my favorites from the past year that my family has played. These games are mostly designed for tweens, teens, and adults. At our house we play after the littles in the family are in bed. Check out the list!

7 Geeky Board Games For The Best Cheap Night In

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7 Geeky Board Games For The Best Cheap Night In: Codenames

Codenames is such a fun group game! You start by laying a grid of cards with words, and each card also represents a potential victim or innocent. Players are divided into two teams with a spymaster who gives clues to help their teams find the victim cards for their team. This game isn’t so much about giving the perfect clues, as giving clues you think your team will guess!


7 Geeky Board Games For The Best Cheap Night In: Spaceteam

I need a giberjabet, do you have one? Spaceteam is a fast game that had my family falling over laughing. Your spaceship is breaking and you need to fix it with the cards in your hand. Don’t have it? Trade with other players! The problem is everyone is trading at the same time and the names are ridiculous. You won’t be able to stop laughing!

Sushi Go!

7 Geeky Board Games For The Best Cheap Night In: Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! is a fun warm up game for your game night without having to think very hard. Sometimes you need a fun game to decompress and laugh, and Sushi Go has the laughs. This is a fast paced card game where you try to collect the perfect sushi roll. Make the most Maki rolls and become the sushi master!


Oregon Trail

7 Geeky Board Games For The Best Cheap Night In: The Oregon Trail

I’m recommending Oregon Trail for a group because the premise seemed fun, but I played with just two people and it felt like it was missing something. Remember the classic game from the nineties? Relive taking your covered wagon across the Oregon Trail! Ford the river and just try to avoid dying from hunger, dysentery (again?) or that broken axel.

Exploding Kittens

7 Geeky Board Games For The Best Cheap Night In: Exploding Kittens

A friend of mine introduced me to Exploding Kittens last year, and we haven’t looked back! This fast paced game is kind of about kittens, a little bit about strategy and a lot of hoping the next card you turn over doesn’t make you explode.

Pirate Fluxx

7 Geeky Board Games For The Best Cheap Night In: Pirate Fluxx

Pirate Fluxx is the game of every changing rules, but I promise you that once you get through the first round you will be hooked! The basic rules stay the same, draw one card and discard one card. Players then change the rules that make everyone talk like a pirate, plunder cards from each other and even give someone else Scurvy. There are so many different themes for Fluxx and I’ve played several of them, but Pirate Fluxx was by far our favorite. We found around our table if you are trying to learn Fluxx that it is much easier and more fun to learn from a themed deck like Pirates then from the original Fluxx deck. Yargh!

5 Second Rule

7 Geeky Board Games For The Best Cheap Night In: 5 Second Rule

5 Second Rule: Just Spit It Out is another one of those games that will get your heart racing and the game table moving! The rules are simple for this game, name three things that are all in the same category in less than five seconds. Can you name three dogs? How about three kitchen appliances? It’s not so easy when everyone is watching and you have only five seconds! If you can’t name the items, play moves to the next player. This quick game has been a staple on our game shelf.

So have you played any of these geeky board games that are on my list? Tell me about which of these games you love down in the comments!

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