This post is sponsored by Walmart to share the news about their new Walmart Grocery pickup & delivery service. All opinions are my own.

Ever wish you could do all your grocery shopping from the comfort of your home in your jammies, then just pop over to the store and have your order brought out to your car? Ever wish you could do all that and still save money? I sure do! As much as I secretly love grocery shopping (I know, I’m crazy, right?), I do not love navigating crowded aisles or waiting in line to check out. Saying I’m not the most patient person in the world is kind of an understatement. I usually have a plan going into a store, but then halfway through I get tired or anxious. I grab things I don’t need and forget all the things I do, thinking “I’ll just run down to the store tomorrow and pick up the rest.”

Shop from Home, Pick up at the Store with Walmart Grocery

Our local Walmart is always packed. I can understand why, as far as prices go, they have the lowest in the area for most of your necessities. Plus you can get everything in one spot, so you don’t have to run to one store for your milk and eggs, then another for a new pair of slippers to replace the ones your puppy ate.

I have major anxiety issues. They’ve gotten worse in the last two years following a botched anesthesia incident. Before the incident, I was a lot better at managing my anxiety in crowded places. Since then, though, I get overwhelmed very easily. I try to go to stores when I know they won’t be busy. Sometimes, though, when we’re out of just about everything, I have to venture out during the busiest time of the day. It’s those times that I just end up grabbing whatever is closest to me and checking out. I always end up spending more than I intend to because I’m not really taking the time to comparison shop, look through coupons or see what is on sale.

Walmart Grocery changes all of that. Now, you can do all your grocery (and other) shopping online, then just pick it up from the curb of the store. It’s easy, too. Fill up your virtual cart by either searching or browsing the aisles. You can also reorder your favorites! When you’re done, check out and choose a time slot to pick up your stuff. In some areas, you can even opt to have your groceries delivered to you (for a fee, pickup is free).

The cool thing about the time slots is that you can either pick up your groceries the same day (usually 2-4 hours later) or schedule a pickup for up to three weeks later.  This is awesome for those times when you’re planning a party and want to get the menu set up well in advance. You’ll pay the same amount per item as you would if you were shopping in the store yourself. The only downside is that you can only pay with a credit card at this time. Hopefully, they’ll change that sometime in the future so you can use gift cards, cash or EBT.

For someone with anxiety issues, this is really a grocery shopping dream come true. Check out this great infographic from Walmart’s blog to learn more about the service:

Shop from Home, Pick up at the Store with Walmart Grocery

Photo courtesy of Walmart

Walmart Grocery isn’t available in all areas yet, but they’re constantly adding more locations. Visit Walmart Grocery to learn more and find out if it’s available in your town or to join the waiting list to be notified when it rolls out to your area.

Would you use Walmart Grocery if it was available in your area? What do you love about it?