When I need inspiration for new children’s books and middle-grade books one of the first places I check is my favorite Instagram accounts. Instagram offers this amazing opportunity to easily browse a giant list of curated picks from educators, media specialists, and publishers at your fingertips and they are all beautiful! If you love to get lost in the library or bookstore, you have to check out some of these gorgeous and playful children’s book Instagram accounts. I know you are going to find a list of great reads to pick up right away! Here are some of my favorite picks.

9 Playful Children’s Book Instagram Accounts To Love

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9 Children’s Book Instagram Accounts To Follow And Love


The Land of Nod Written By: Robert Louis Stevenson Illustration By: Robert Hunter @flyingeyebooks

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One of the things I like about @the.book.report is her variation in her reviews. This account is run by a mom with five kids, and really gets some of the differences in different reading levels. Check out this page for great reviews plus her savvy sneak peek videos in between the pages which are my favorite part!

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I love how creative they get over @readingisoutthing This account features book suggestions for both young children and middle grades, with a heavy sprinkle of fun stories. You’re going to want to pick up every book this account recommends that are always full of beautiful illustrations and gorgeous looking books!


This bright and inviting account over @book.nerd.mommy always makes my heart sing a little bit. This account includes lots variety in books for kids, often with a STEM focus. Her toddler is simply adorable, and many times she includes some fun craft ideas that go along with her children’s book selections.

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For the insider look at new books and books that are topping the charts, @randomhousekids is a must follow. Expect plenty of ideas of what to read for both children and young adults, but also gives you a quick behind the scenes look too! I love the snippets of what the authors are doing, along with other literary things happening in New York City!


While all the other animals have set colors, the chameleon is constantly changing which leaves him feeling all alone. He decides to stay on a leaf so that he can be green forever, but as the seasons change, the leaf changes color and the chameleon changes right along with it. Eventually the chameleon meets a fellow chameleon who feels the same way. The duo decide to stick together so that even though their color will constantly change, the friends will always be the same color. . 'A Color of His Own' by Leo Lionni is our #kidlitpicks for January. This month's theme is #findyourselfinabook It's important that children are able to see themselves in the books they read so that they feel connected and empowered. The chameleon was unlike the other animals and needed this sense of comradery in order to embrace the thing that makes him so special. It's okay to be different, and even though we are unique, there is always someone out there that can relate to us and that is a beautiful thing that connects us all. . This is a wonderful book about being yourself and learning to appreciate whatever it is that makes you who you are.

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Another great mama run page, @thestories we read is bursting full of great book ideas for younger kids. This account in particular almost always connects the stories to things she is currently experiencing as a parent giving this feed an extra personal touch!

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A note, a carousel and a polar bear. Is it a dream? A fantastical adventure? We are still wondering—and that’s so much a part of why we love the gorgeous Please Bring Balloons. This is one of those books we come back to again and again, for the sheer awe it provokes, not just in my boys, but in me as well. And during these especially chaotic times, this is one of those perfectly magical escapes — such a great book to read before bedtime. In Lindsay Ward's Please Bring Balloons, Emma discovers a note at a carousel, tucked under a polar bear's saddle. It's message is simple: please bring balloons. So she obliges, brings one balloon for the bear, and subsequently discovers yet another note, asking for even more. Once again, Emma complies. But this time when she returns to the carousel and ties a whole bunch of balloons to the bear's saddle, Emma hops onto his back and suddenly discovers that the bear begins to move… off the ground, through the clouds, and towards the North Star. When they land with a thud amidst a blanket of snow, Emma learns her adventure had only just begun. Both artistically beautifully and perfectly fanciful, we adore this captivating book! Ward's illustrations transform cut paper into exquisite collages, making the art on these pages as whimsical as this story. One of my absolute favorite things about Please Bring Balloons is the way in which it helps to unlock a child's imagination. If polar bears can ride right off a carousel and into the black of night, what else could happen? Imagine — and help those little ones snuggled on your lap imagine too. @penguinkids @penguinrandomhouse @lindsaymward

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If you are looking for solid heartfelt and playful stories, then @happily.ever.elephants should be another account you follow! This gorgeous page is curated by a library media specialist with quite the eye. She always seems to know the newest books with beautiful illustrations and picks other stories that hit on the lessons I hope to teach my kid too.

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S N E A K . P E E K . . @julialinsteadt and I are happy to announce the upcoming @KidArtLit challenge hosted by @leftbraincraftbrain. Anne is a #STEAM sensation (have you seen what she can do with just a dry erase marker and water?! Definitely check her feed out!), and we are excited for her to host on this popular topic. . . The new #KidArtLit theme starts Wednesday, so gather your wits, your creative ideas, and your great reads—like this one about a young scientist named Mira. . . Mira spends her summers on the boardwalk with her fortune-telling mother, but she just doesn’t have the knack for predicting the future. Until she uses her observation and research skills to save the day with science. We love this book for its diverse cast, interesting vocabulary, and charming illustrations. Check it out! . . @kellandrewspa #lissymarlin @sterlingkids

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@chickadee.lit was the very first children’s literature focused account that I found on Instagram, and I’ve been in love with her style ever since! The book selections for children focus on stories that inspire creativity, self-confidence and are just really creative stories. I’ve also found more than one great STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) pick on her page, which I love to find for my kiddo. If you are a children’s literature lover, expect plenty of new story inspiration to pick up with a few well-loved favorites sprinkled in!

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This book arrived on my doorstep yesterday and it is just delightful. ? . LOVE IS is story of a girl who finds and adopts a baby duck. She learns what it means to truly care for another – the hard work of midnight feedings and messy baths, the comfort and familiarity of spending days and nights together, and the heartbreak of knowing it's time to let a loved one spread her wings and fly. . For this book in particular, much of story is in the gorgeous and playful illustrations. It would be a fabulous book to use for a picture walk. You know, when you "read" through all of pictures in the book before you actually read the text. All you have to do is look at the pictures together and talk about them. What do you think this story is going to be about? What is happening here? Where are the characters going? What do you think will happen next? Why do you think the character looks sad? A picture walk helps to pique a child's interest in the story and it also encourages a child to be a participant in the reading process. It can also help to greatly improve a child's comprehension of the story. ?? . LOVE IS is a great selection for all of you who are searching for a sweet little valentine gift ? but it's definitely suitable for sitting on your shelves year round! #LoveIs #DianeAdams #ClaireKeane #picturebook #valentinebook #readaloud #picturewalk #chroniclecrush

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@littlebooksbigworld is another account that is really getting it right. This account always has a great mix of new books and carefully curated features that keep me coming back for more. There is always something that sparks my interest, whether it’s an in-depth review, a cute kid’s craft, or just a beautiful shot that has me scouring for more info about her selections.

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Some of the book publishers have been really stepping up their Instagram. @penguinkids is another account that I adore following. Expect plenty of gorgeous book photos and a peek into some of the latest amazing books to hit shelves. This account gets pretty creative and offers book ideas for both younger kids and middle grades.

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Do you have any other favorite children’s book Instagram accounts you love to follow? Which of these accounts sing to your heart? I’d love to hear more in the comments!