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Make your graduation party invitations stand out from the crowd with complete custom personalization at Basic Invite!

I know it may not seem like it, but graduation season is right around the corner, my friends!  If you want to throw an epic graduation party, you’ll need some equally epic announcements and invitations. People need to know about it, right? Otherwise, they won’t know to show up! You could go with email invites, but honestly, there are some events that just feel more special when you use paper invitations. Not only do they stand out better in a sea of invites (you’re not the only one throwing a party at this time of year, after all), they make a nice keepsake for your grad, too. Fortunately, Basic Invites makes it super easy to create stunning and original high school graduation cards and college graduation invitations that definitely stand out from the crowd.

Make Your Graduation Party Invites Stand out With Basic Invite

Whether you’re getting ready to celebrate your teen’s high school graduation or walking down the aisle to Pomp & Circumstance to receive your own degree, it’s definitely a momentous occasion. My family has thrown some pretty epic graduation parties over the years. When my brother and cousin graduated on the same day from college, we had cars parked all the way down to our mailboxes nearly a mile away! In fact, because of us, our neighborhood instituted a “no parking on the road” rule. Oops!

Okay, maybe you don’t want to throw quite that epic of a bash, but you still want your party to be a huge success, and that all starts with the invitation. This is where Basic Invite absolutely rocks. Now only do they have a huge selection of just about every style of graduation invitations you can think of, but they go the extra ten miles by letting you completely personalize almost every single aspect of the card. Check out a few great ways to get the most out of Basic Invite’s service.

Choose from almost unlimited colors

Create Graduation Party Invitations That Stand Out From the Crowd


Want to show off your school pride by incorporating its colors into your invite? No problem! Basic Invite is one of the few websites that lets you choose from nearly unlimited color options and design your card right down to the last detail. Even better, you get to see how those colors look in real time on the instant preview. Why is this so important and awesome? Let’s be honest: some school don’t really pick the most complimentary colors. If you’re making a photo invite, you want to make sure your spectacular picture doesn’t look washed out or funky surrounded by your school’s colors. Trust me, it can happen. My high school colors were green and gold, and I don’t look good in either of those! Just look at all the different ways you can personalize your card:

Create Graduation Party Invitations That Stand Out From the Crowd

Envelopes That Stand Out

While the envelopes don’t have quite the unlimited sea of color options as your invitation, you can still choose from over 40 different colors. Plus, all of their envelopes are peel and stick. No more paper cuts on your tongue, not to mention that glue taste that you can’t get rid of no matter how many times you rinse with mouthwash. Blech!

Try it before you buy it


Create Graduation Party Invitations That Stand Out From the CrowdEven if your invitation looks perfect online, sometimes you want to see it in person and hold it in your hands before you order dozens of them to send out. When you get married, you get to see samples first, right? Basic Invite lets you order a printed sample of your finished version so you can see exactly how it looks (and check out the awesome paper quality) before you submit your final order. I don’t know of very many websites that let you do that.

Free Address Collection Service

Save LOADS of time collecting those addresses by letting Basic Invite do it for you. All you need to do is share a link with your guest list. From there, guests can enter their info and it gets saved to your address book. Once you have them, you can either order blank envelopes and address them yourself or save even more time by having Basic Invite print them for free (with your order, of course).

Create Graduation Party Invitations That Stand Out From the Crowd

All of that plus you can order matching items (like Thank You Cards) at the same time and the most gorgeous selection of fonts you can imagine. When you’re done, you have the perfect graduation party invitation that not only stands out from the crowd but also makes a unique keepsake for your grad.


I know it seems like you still have months before you need to start planning, but trust me, it’s going to fly by. Get a head start now and get those invitations out before the rest of your grad’s class starts mailing them. Head over to Basic Invite and check out their incredible selection of graduation invites now. Need a bit of inspiration? Follow them on Instagram and Pinterest. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter, too, to keep up with news and discounts.