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Keep your multi-cat home fresh, even if you are completely lacking storage space, with Fresh Step Compact Packs!

How do you keep a multi-cat house fresh and clean when you’re really short on storage to keep a hefty supply of litter? Fresh Step just came up with the perfect solution, and it’s absolutely genius. It’s called the Fresh Step® Cat Litter Compact packs! Trust me, you’ll love it! I’ll tell you all about it, but first, it’s story time!

Once upon a time (about three months ago), I had a relatively calm house. My cats were happily doing their business in one of the two litter boxes we kept tucked away in the laundry room, my dog happily ignoring the existence of said cats (but, alas, not ignoring the existence of their food, which is a post for another day). Even when I was a 3-dog household, my girls never really messed with the cats. Everyone lived in peace and harmony.

The Solution to Keeping Your Multi-Cat House Fresh Every Day

Then Freya happened. If you’ve been keeping up, you know that Freya is our new Pharaoh Hound puppy. Now, typically, since they’re sighthounds, they’re not really ideal for cat homes. However, she’s been around cats since she was born and is fairly “cat-friendly.” Sometimes a little too friendly…and a little too nosey when my cats are trying to “use the facilities!” While Zoe and Alex don’t seem to mind (Alex LOVES Freya, as you can see!), my senior cats, Mally and Prue, are so scared of her that they stopped going upstairs to the litter box room when she’s around.

At first, Freya was getting blamed for the accidents (which, mercifully, were always on the tile floor). After all, these cats are 20 and 13, and they’ve never had issues with not using the box. It took us a few days to realize that it wasn’t Freya causing the messes. Well, not all of them at least! Our solution? Bring one of the boxes downstairs to the main living area so that Mally and Prue only had to walk a few feet to get to it.

While that has completely solved the problem of accidents, it created new frustrations. First, both my mom and I have back problems. Carting around huge boxes of litter from one floor to the next isn’t just a metaphorical pain, it’s a physical one. Second, while I have an average-sized house, it’s completely lacking in storage space. The downstairs area, in particular, is pretty much packed. We had to rearrange and box up a bunch of stuff just to move one of the litter boxes down here.

Introducing Fresh Step® Cat Litter Compact Packs to the Rescue!

The Solution to Keeping Your Multi-Cat House Fresh Every Day

Starting in March of this year, you’ll no longer have to lug huge boxes of litter all over your house (or up and down steps!), thanks to Fresh Step’s easy-to-handle Compact Packs. Each box comes with four smaller packages that fit in just about any small space. I have this great table in my laundry room with a small storage cabinet. We’ve never used it, though, because the storage space isn’t big enough for standard litter boxes. It is perfect, however, for the smaller Fresh Step Compact Packs!

The Solution to Keeping Your Multi-Cat House Fresh Every Day

Now, I can store my packs in there and just take what I need to the downstairs litter box! Since each pack is filled with Fresh Step with Febreze, I never have to worry about problems with odor. I am sitting about four feet away from our downstairs box right now and I seriously don’t smell a thing. Trust me, if I did, I’d move my “office” to another spot, I can’t stand the smell of a stinky litter box! I’m using Fresh Step with Febreze Multi-Cat, but it also comes in Extreme and Odor Shield.

The Solution to Keeping Your Multi-Cat House Fresh Every Day

My cats are overjoyed with Fresh Step Compact Packs too. While I’m sure they aren’t overly concerned about my back and lack of storage space, they’re thrilled with the box that it comes in. Everyone is taking turns sleeping in it. Since I’ll be buying plenty more, they’ll all have their own box soon! Plus, I’ll earn PawPoints with every purchase. If you’re not already part of the  Paw Points® Rewards Program, join now on the FreshStep website. Save up those points and redeem them for things like free litter, cat food and toys. You can even donate your points to a shelter to help homeless kitties!

The Solution to Keeping Your Multi-Cat House Fresh Every Day

Want to take your cat litter experience from Awkward to Awesome? Check out this video! All Fresh Step products are available at Walmart, Target and your favorite grocery store. Look for Fresh Step Compact Packs starting in March! Visit Fresh Step to learn more. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with news.


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