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I am loving how Simple Sugars helps banish my whole family's problem skin in just ONE step! Check it out and GONOLO with me!

Tired of slathering on fifty products a day to deal with your problem skin? You’re going to love Simple Sugars! It’s a one-step solution to banishing problem skin! Seriously, I’m not kidding. I was a little skeptical, too.  I’ve always said I’d never buy something that I can make in my kitchen in under five minutes, and that goes for sugar scrubs. Here’s the thing, though, Simple Sugars isn’t your average sugar scrub They’re not really sugar scrubs at all, they are a skincare line, and you’ll soon see why!

I’m not going to lie, as excited as I was to try out Simple Sugars because I love their story so much, I went into this trial thinking “can it really be better than the scrubs I’ve made myself?” In just days, I came out thinking “nothing I’ve tried even comes close.” Let me tell you the story of how I got there. When you’re done reading, you’ll want to try it yourself!

I am loving how Simple Sugars helps banish my whole family's problem skin in just ONE step! Check it out and GONOLO with me!

From 50 Products to Just One Step

If you’re a regular reader, chances are you’ve seen me talk in depth about my family’s skin issues. I have annoyingly dry skin most of the year. My son’s skin is getting so sensitive that it freaks out if you even look at it the wrong way and my husband has a myriad of issues ranging from your average every day incredibly dry skin to angry red eczema-like patches. I’ve invested quite a bit into different remedies. Some worked pretty well while others were an absolute waste of what little cash I have these days.

Even those that did work, though, required a bit more of a time investment than I have. For example, we stocked up on those face masks that make you look like a serial killer because they did kind of work. Alas, they only kind of work when you remember to use them, which we kind of never do. My husband and I often forget until our skin feels like utter crud, and my almost 12-year-old son is more interested in getting back to his video game after his shower than he is in slathering lotion all over his dry patches.

Banish Problem Skin In Just One Step with Simple Sugars #GoNoLo

When I learned that Simple Sugars skincare products gently exfoliate AND totally moisturize your face, hands and body in ONE easy step so you never need lotion again, I was very intrigued. Could it really be that simple? Could we really Go NO-LO, even with our problematic skin? Yep! Not only is it possible, but it’s actually surprisingly affordable (more on that in a minute).

What makes Simple Sugars so darn special?

If you’re anything like me, you’re still thinking, “So what? It’s a sugar scrub, what could possibly make it more special than one of the zillion recipes for DIY scrubs that I’ve seen on Pinterest?” Well, for one thing, let me repeat that it is NOT a sugar scrub, it’s a total skincare product unlike anything you’ve ever tried. Lani Lazzari spent a good portion of her childhood perfecting her products before she took them on Shark Tank right after she graduated high school and ended up partnering with Mark Cuban. She created them because she couldn’t find a product that helped her own sensitive, eczema-prone skin. When someone creates a product to help themselves or their own families first, you know they’re going to spend a lot of time making sure that it’s perfect.

Another thing that makes them unique: every single natural ingredient that goes into Simple Sugars is chosen carefully to make sure that it is safe and beneficial for sensitive skin. The products are so gentle that you can use them every single day (in fact, it’s encouraged!) and can even use them on newborns. Plus, they smell amazing, so you don’t have to give up the fun, aromatherapy experience of scent to keep your skin from freaking out.

How did Simple Sugars help my family?

One little thing I need to say here before we get started: Simple Sugars cannot and does not make any medical claims since the products have not been clinically tested. Information is based on personal experience only. Also, none of this is meant as medical advice. If you have severe skin problems, or even suspect you do, please talk to your doctor.

I am loving how Simple Sugars helps banish my whole family's problem skin in just ONE step! Check it out and GONOLO with me!

We got to try out a fantastic array of Simple Sugars skincare products for the whole body, including:

  • Strawberry Body Scrub with Emu Oil
  • Coconut Body Scrub with Emu Oil
  • Avocado Facial Scrub with Emu Oil
  • Happy Feet Foot Scrub.

My husband also got the Smooth for Men Green Tea Facial Scrub with Emu Oil and Smooth for Men Vanilla Body Scrub with Emu Oil (although you can use them, too, if you want). We’ve been blissfully trying out all of them over the last few days!

Let’s start with me, shall we? Lately, my skin has been so dry that I want to jump right out if it. I can actually feel the flaking in some spots.  It makes me feel like my skin is constantly dirty! On my face, the worst spots are on my right cheek and my chin. In just the few days that I’ve been using the Avocado Facial Scrub, my cheek is completely soft and my chin is significantly better. I’ve noticed the same effect in other dry spots across my body. It’s either completely smooth or getting there very quickly.

I’m also crazy, crazy, crazy in love with the Happy Feet Foot Scrub! I’ve written a lot (probably more than anyone really wants to know) about how dry and cracked my heels are. While Happy Feet doesn’t get rid of that overnight, and I do still use my foot file, it’s definitely helping. My old routine included about 7 products along with the filing. Now, I use the file first on my dry feet,then finish up with Happy Feet. It smells so good and feels so refreshing on your tired toes.

The rest of my family loves Simple Sugars, too. Jake tried the Coconut Body Scrub the other night. After his shower, the first thing he did was come downstairs and say “feel my arms, I’m so smooth!” Even better? No irritation! I highly recommend buying a flip-top lid (sold on Simple Sugars’ website) for scrubs that you plan to use in the shower. Makes it so much easier to open and get what you need. I also recommend putting a shower’s worth in a small cup (like those little cups you put ketchup in when you go to a restaurant) and giving that to your child. That’s what I did with Jake, since he has a tendency to overuse products and I didn’t want to see the entire jar gone in one shower.

I am loving how Simple Sugars helps banish my whole family's problem skin in just ONE step! Check it out and GONOLO with me!

My husband really likes the Smooth for Men products that he tried. He has no qualms about using my stuff, but it’s nice for him to have his own, especially since we have different skin issues. I have dry skin , but he has parched skin. There’s a difference, trust me. The Green Tea Facial Scrub with Emu Oil is perfect for extra-dry skin like his. It’s soothing and calming to angry skin, doesn’t get it all worked up and aggravated the way a lot of products we’ve tried did. His Smooth for Men Vanilla Body Scrub with Emu Oil works wonders, as well. It’s just the right amount of vanilla scent, so your guy won’t feel like you just dunked him into a vat of scented candle wax.

As I mentioned earlier, Simple Sugars are really affordable, too. The body scrubs are all under $20, and the facial scrubs under $25.  Remember, this ONE product exfoliates, cleanses AND moisturizes your skin, so it’s like at least 3 products in one. All of the products come in a huge array of scents (including chocolate!) and come with or without Emu oil.

If you’re still not convinced, check out more success stories from satisfied customers. The before/after pictures in particular are really telling! Learn more about Simple Sugars by joining Lani Lazzari for a special Facebook Live event at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, March 16 on the Simple Sugars Facebook page.

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Have you already tried Simple Sugars? Which of their skincare products do you love most? If you haven’t tried them yet, which would you grab first?