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Bet you didn't plan to raise a picky eater! Check out tips for living a healthy lifestyle with picky eaters...when you're one too!

If there’s one thing we parents know, it’s that even the most well thought out, “accounted for everything,” beyond best-laid plans can get blown to smithereens in the blink of an eye. Case in point: I never planned for was having the pickiest eater on the planet. I probably should have seen that coming because up until his birth, I held that title for nearly 30 years. For some reason, I just assumed that my kid would inherit the healthy eating gene from his dad. Instead, he inherited his father’s biting sarcasm and wry sense of humor (which comes with a joy of torturing me daily, like pointing out clowns when he knows I’m petrified of them) and got pretty much everything else from me, including my picky eating habits.

Raising Picky Eaters When You’re One Too!

Since both my son and I are picky, I’ve been dealing with quite the parenting conundrum. How do I get my son to eat healthy when most vegetables make me run screaming for the hills? I never wanted to be one of those “do as I say, not as I do” parents. I also never wanted to tell my son “because I said so.” I’m raising an independent thinker, someone who isn’t afraid to ask questions, even when it comes to authority figures. Of all the things I’ve tried (including therapy, because at one point he literally would not eat anything except mushy food), I found ONE thing that works crazy well: bribery.

(Don’t worry, it’s not technically bribery!)

Don’t worry, I’m not paying my kid to eat veggies. Not really. Well, kind of, but bear with me. Rather than bribing him to eat his peas and carrots, I added an entry to his weekly behavior chart that simply said “try a new food.” In the beginning, I was content with him trying ANY new food, even if it was chocolate-covered double chocolate cookies. Remember, he wouldn’t eat ANYTHING that resembled human food at that point. As time went on and he expanded his palate a bit, I changed it to “try one new healthy food.” Every time he even took a bite of a new veggie or relatively healthy meal, he’d get his star. The stars added up to rewards. So I wasn’t paying him for the food, per se. He still had to do other things to reach the required number of stars, but it really did help. In fact, I just brought back the chart as a “chore chart” and I’m adding that one back in as I notice Jake’s food progress starting to stall out.

Filling in the gaps with vitamins

The other thing that has worked well for us is filling in the gaps with vitamins. Both Jake and I take a daily multivitamin to help us meet our nutritional requirements. Honestly, Jake eats more veggies than I do, so he’s doing a little better than me in that department. I now like 5 vegetables, which, let me tell you, is MAJOR progress from just a decade ago. Fortunately, the geniuses behind vitafusion™ and L’il Critters™ makes nutrition taste good for both kids and adults by combining essential vitamins and minerals with great-tasting gummies. Both have a delicious fruity flavor and a gummy texture that makes taking them more enjoyable. Plus, no need for water since they’re chewable!

Bet you didn't plan to raise a picky eater! Check out tips for living a healthy lifestyle with picky eaters...when you're one too!

L’il Critters™ gummy vitamins for kids

Of course, when you have a picky kid, it can be hard to find a multivitamin that they actually like. After a lot of trial and error (and wasted money), I finally found one that Jake looks forward to taking: L’il Critters™ gummy vitamins. Ever since he first tried their vitamins, he reminds me every day to make sure I give them to him. Now they have a brand-new line for kids: Fruit n’ Honey gummy vitamins.

Bet you didn't plan to raise a picky eater! Check out tips for living a healthy lifestyle with picky eaters...when you're one too!

Every time we try something new, there’s this moment where I’m petrified Jake will spit it out. Since I knew he already liked L’il Critters and he absolutely loves honey (he enjoys drinking a little tea with his honey to relax at night), I felt pretty confident this time. I was right, of course. He loves the combination of real fruit juice†(16% pear juice from concentrate) from Pacific Northwest pears and sweet golden clover honey. I love that they have nutrients he really needs. The L’il Critters™ Bee Active is a complete daily multivitamin packed with 12 essential vitamins and minerals, while the L’il Critters™ Bee Immune supports his immune system with Super C Plus Booster with added Vitamin D and Zinc*.

vitafusion™ Simply Good for You!

If you think my son is picky when it comes to vitamins, wait until you meet me! I am not as big into gummies as my son, but I really like the convenience of them. I have major issues in the morning with keeping down pills. According to 101 doctors, there’s nothing particularly wrong with my stomach, it’s just “sensitive.” Think of it as perpetual morning sickness without the cute baby payoff. I can’t explain why, but gummies are easier for me to tolerate. I can take them as part of my morning routine (which includes drinking coffee and reading the news or playing a game while I try to wake up).

Bet you didn't plan to raise a picky eater! Check out tips for living a healthy lifestyle with picky eaters...when you're one too!

Like my son, I do love the taste of honey. I can eat it plain! Good news for me (and other honey lovers), vitafusion™ is launching its Simply Good line with a blend of Pacific Northwest pear juice†, golden clover honey and essential nutrients. For me, the combination of tasty fruit and honey really makes a big difference between “okay, it’s time to take my vitamins” to “yay, it’s time to take my vitamins!” Plus, the line includes several different formulas that hit all my major needs:

    • vitafusion™ Supports Immunity– provides healthy immune support with vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc*
    • vitafusion™ B-12 – supports energy production by converting food to fuel*
    • vitafusion™ Vitamin D3 – The “sunshine vitamin” supports immune function, muscles and promotes calcium absorption*
    • vitafusion™ Complete Multivitamin – A delicious way to get the wholesome nutrition you need with 13 essential vitamins
    • vitafusion™ Bone and Muscle Support* –Vitamin D to support muscles and to promote Calcium absorption, and calcium to support strong bones*

L’il Critters Fruit n’ Honey is now available nationwide at select mass, drug and grocery stores as well as online retailers. The new Simply Good line from vitafusion™ will be available nationwide at Walmart starting in April. For more information, visit and Check out vitafusion™ on Instagram!

What are your favorite ways to keep your picky kid healthy? Share below! 

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Ҡ 16% pear juice from concentrate.