Unless you’re allergic to them, I think we can all admit that the return of flowers is one of the best things about spring. I’ve never been a fan of longer days (I prefer the night) or hot weather (I’m a fall breeze kind of gal), but I do love all the beautiful colors that pop back to life once the bitter cold snap ends. With shifting weather patterns, it seems like nature is super confused in my area lately. Green takes longer to reappear (although it does hang out a bit longer in the fall). A couple of weeks ago, I was staring out the window at over two feet of snow after that surprise blizzard!

Celebrate Spring with Gorgeous Flowers + 7 Ways to Reuse a Flower Vase

Three days after the blizzard, my local Teleflora florist braved the still-battered roads and made his way to my house to deliver the Songs of Spring bouquet right to my door. My pathway wasn’t even clear yet (thankfully, my driveway finally got plowed the day before). I told him he could call me and let me know when he arrived, and I’d put on my boots and come meet him, but he came right to my door. It may not seem like a huge deal, but remember, 2+ feet of snow!

Celebrate the return of color with a spring bouquet + check out 7 brilliant ways to reuse a flower vase!

Vibrant purple-pinks peek out between lighter pink roses while my favorite flowers- daisies- remind me of promises of sunshine and happiness. Daisies were also my aunt Donna’s favorite flower. The roses were a surprise, as the bouquet actually comes with tulips if you order it online. Here is what it looks like on the site.

Celebrate Spring with Gorgeous Flowers + 7 Ways to Reuse a Flower Vase


Remember, Teleflora partners with local florists, so it’s common for there to be slight variations between what you see online and what your florist delivers. That’s part of the charm, knowing that you’re getting a one-of-a-kind bouquet! The Songs of Spring bouquet comes with a pretty reusable lantern vase that makes it perfect for gifting.

Celebrate the return of color with a spring bouquet + check out 7 brilliant ways to reuse a flower vase!

I can imagine giving this to my aunt Diana, who absolutely loves birds. She has a slew of canaries that she breeds. The vase is available exclusively through Teleflora.

7 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Your Flower Vase

Celebrate the return of color with a spring bouquet + check out 7 brilliant ways to reuse a flower vase!

A vase like that just screams to be reused, but even if you opt for one of their other bouquets (or just have a bunch of vases sitting unused in a closet somewhere), there are so many brilliant ways to repurpose them other than holding flowers! I partner with Teleflora a few times a year because I just love their flower with gift arrangements, so I have plenty of vases ready to be reused.

Candle Lantern

The Songs of Spring vase is perfect for making a candle lantern, as is just about any other vase with a wide base. While taller vase may work, they’re not quite as easy to your candle into (and lit, for that matter).
Reuse a vase to create a beautiful luminary to brighten up summer nights or as an emergency lantern for when the power goes out.

Use the luminary to brighten up those summer night parties on the deck or as an emergency light source for when those summer storms knock out the power. Hey, just because it’s for an emergency doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful!

Store K-Cups

If you don’t want to keep a big K-Cup storage carousel or bin next to your coffee maker (or you don’t drink 10 cups of coffee a day like me), store your K-Cups in a wide vase. If you have a guest room with a Keurig (because every good host should have a coffee maker in their guest room…just saying), this is a brilliant way to keep a variety on hand without cluttering up the room.

Hold Washi Tape and Other Craft Supplies

Celebrate Spring with Gorgeous Flowers + 7 Ways to Reuse a Flower Vase

I have a washi tape addiction, which is funny because I really have no crafting bones in my body and rarely find a way to use them. While I’m figuring out a purpose for them, I can at least enjoy their beauty by storing them in a clear vase! I also have some colorful twine (again, no clue what to do with it) that mixes in beautiful. Art supplies as art! Hey, that counts as a craft, right?

Coin holder

Saving up for something special? Create a visual reminder by tossing your loose change into a clear vase! If you want to get super fancy, you can use different vases for different coins. I know that hardly anyone uses cash anymore, but if you have a job where you receive tips (or still take out cash for small purchases), those coins do add up. My son has been saving up in one of those 5-gallon water jugs and, honestly, it’s a little depressing because it takes so long to fill. With a vase, you can actually see some progress, making it perfect for encouraging kids to keep saving.

Beautify your bathroom

Use a variety of vases in different colors and shapes to hold everything from toothbrushes to makeup. Put cotton balls in a colored vase and bright nail polish in a clear one. This is perfect if you’re short on counter space and don’t really have much “underneath” space to hide things in.

Mini terrarium

I’ve seen a ton of really cute mini terrarium ideas on Instagram that I want to try this spring. The one above is my favorite, although I don’t think I’ll be able to pull off something that complex. I have the perfect wide-mouth vase for a terrarium project of my own, though. As I’ve learned through my explorations, you can create a terrarium in just about anything, though, so give it a try in a smaller vase, too!

Picnic Utensil Holder

Vases like the Songs of Spring with a handle attached are perfect for transporting and holding utensils at a picnic. Since they’re heavy, they won’t get blown over by the wind as easily as plastic utensil holders. Plus, they add a touch of elegance to an outdoor barbecue.

I bet you can think of a ton of ways to reuse a vase. I left off seasonal ideas, like filling them with Christmas ornaments or Easter eggs, as well as the more obvious, like reusing them for your own flowers (or fake flowers). Kind of makes you want to treat yourself to a bouquet now that you have so many great ways to use that vase, right? Go ahead and do it! You never need to wait for someone else to send you flowers.


Check out the gorgeous spring bouquets over on Teleflora! While the Songs of Spring was my favorite overall, I also love the vase that the Country Spring bouquet comes in. It’s a darling spring pail perfect for gardeners! All of the bouquets come in three different sizes to best fit your needs and budget. You can also add on things like balloons, stuffed animals and chocolates to personalize the gift even more.

What are your favorite bouquets from Teleflora? How do you reuse your flower vases?