Moving on from “little kid” status to the tween or teen years is a big deal. As kids get older, they need a space that is more their own. Today, my special guest writer, Isabel Pérez, from, is going to share a few bedroom makeover projects to completely transform your teen’s space from kiddie room to sanctuary. She gives the costs associated with hiring a professional for each project. You could, in theory, DIY them and save money, but some things just scream “hire a pro!” Ready to check them out? I’ll turn this over to Isabel now.  

Transform your teens room into a sanctuary with these five teen bedroom makeover projects plus find out how much you can expect to spend on each one!

5 Bedroom Projects to Help Parents & Teens Coexist in Harmony

The teenage years can be a challenge for both the teens themselves and their families. However, this notorious life phase have to be a struggle. These home renovation projects will help your teen feel more grown up and autonomous while also giving the rest of the household a break from loud music, late-night chats with friends and disorganized homework.

Project 1: Let Your Teen Design a Custom Mural


From videogames and sports to movies, bands and book series, teens tend to get quite passionate about their pop culture interests. Whether your teen is bookish, trendy, athletic or outdoorsy, a custom wall mural can help make their room seem more personalized and fun to be in. Even artistic teens can benefit from some professional assistance for this project, but you kid can still have an active hand in the design by giving input on which artist to hire and okaying sketches provided by the professional muralist. The subject of the mural, of course, should be in line with your teen’s personality and interests.

Project Cost

Mural costs vary based on factors such as the size and intricacy of the artwork and the popularity and skill of the muralist. Set a budget before you hire an artist so you can be sure to find someone who’s willing to work within your price range. On the low end, you can expect to pay at least $1,000 for a mural; the national average cost for a simple 160 sq. ft. mural is $1,720.

Project 2: Install a Custom Closet to Bring Order to the Chaos

Cluttered bedrooms are a hallmark of the teen years, but you can help your kid keep things orderly by having a custom closet installed in his or her room. Whether you’ve got a budding fashionista on your hands or your kid is involved in extracurricular activities that require uniforms and practice clothing, customized closet organization systems can turn a standard closet with a few rods into a multipurpose storage area with shelves, cubbies, drawers, rods and hooks. Giving your kid plenty of place to store their stuff can help teach organizational skills and make it easier for your teens to keep track of their stuff.

Project Cost 

The most affordable way to approach close customization is with the installation of a pre-made closet organization system. Professional closet system installation has an average price range of $600-2,000. DIY is much less expensive; the low average for this project is just $75 for an 8’x10’ walk-in closet, and the high average is $600.

Project 3: Add a Window Seat for Enhanced Daydreaming

5 Teen Bedroom Makeover Projects for a Harmonious Home

Whether they’re doing homework, watching movies, talking to friends or just staring out the window in quiet contemplation, window seats are great features for a teen’s bedroom. You can go either simple or complex with this project, either adding a simple bench for your kid to sit on or creating an entire window seat nook with built-in shelving. Either way, you’ll be giving your teen a cozy and classic place to sit and have some alone time, which can help make their room feel more like a personalized refuge.

Project Cost

The materials you use and the scale of the project have a big impact on final cost. If you want to get a permanent built-in window seat crafted to custom dimensions, you can expect to spend at least $840 for something simple. More complex projects with built-in cabinets and premium hardwood construction can run from $2,960-4,960.


Project 4: Keep the Whole House Happy With Bedroom Soundproofing

Is your teen a big fan of terrible music? Does she stay up late practicing her clarinet skills with no apparent improvement? Are you going nuts listening to him screaming in joy or agony as he plays his favorite video games? No matter what causes the noise, soundproofing can be a great way to let your whole family live in harmony without stifling your teen’s interests in the name of peace and quiet.

Project Cost

There are typically multiple elements of soundproofing that go into a full-room job, including window, wall, ceiling and floor coverage or modifications. You may choose to complete all or just some of these elements to make up for the amount of noise coming from your teen’s room. If you choose to do all, you can expect to pay between $2,000-3,000 for a 20’x12’ room.

Project 5: Bring the Outdoors Inside With a Skylight

Like window seats, skylights are a little adjustment that makes the room feel more dreamy and cozy. This is an especially good idea if your teen loves stargazing, but it can also be a practical way to add value to the home and make it more comfortable on warm days. Your teen’s room will need to be on the top floor of the house for this project to work.

Project Cost

Skylight installation costs can vary greatly depending on where you live, but most installers will give free estimates so you can figure out whether this project is in your budget. The national average price range for a skylight is between $1540-2,000, but you can also install a solar tube to get a similar effect at a lower cost, with a national average of $550-700. Solar tubes don’t offer a view of the sky, but they do let natural sunlight in, making them a great option for brightening up your kid’s room for less.

About the Author: Isabel Pérez – Content Marketer at A writer by day and a reader by night, she writes about home improvement tips and tricks to help homeowners learn more about improving their properties.