Last weekend, we welcomed a new furry addition to the family. Mocha is a five-month-old lab/greyhound mix (although I think she may have some boxer in there, too). She came with the name and we decided to keep it since she’s used to it. Check her out, isn’t she cute?

Mocha, a lab/greyhound mix

It took me a while to be ready for another dog after losing Cooper back in February. Freya has been lost without a four-legged sibling, though (the cats don’t count). When my aunt’s mail lady said she had puppies from a family that she rescued, that they were free AND they had all their shots, were spayed, etc, I said I wanted to check them out. I figure half the work was already done for me, right?

IMG 0106 We Got a New Puppy! Meet Mocha!

When I saw her little face in the pictures, I knew she was the one. It wasn’t even a great picture, just a small shot of her face on my mom’s phone. But something about her said “I’m meant to be your dog.” So we made the arrangements and my aunt brought her up this past Saturday!

IMG 0105 We Got a New Puppy! Meet Mocha!

Freya was over the moon happy to have a new sister! She LOVES other dogs. Like insanely loves them. She’s that over jubilant kid at the playground who runs up to you and says “I just met you, but you’re my BEST FRIEND EVER now!” She has a boyfriend next door, a little dog named Oliver that she talks to through the fence.

IMG 0118 We Got a New Puppy! Meet Mocha!

We did run into a few small fights over bones. Freysie girl is, well, she’s kind of greedy. All the bones are belong to her. We have to separate them for chew time, and Freya tries to climb over the sofa dividing the two rooms to get into Mocha’s room and steal her bone. Even when they fight, though, the break it up fast and go back to being friends right away.

IMG 0124 We Got a New Puppy! Meet Mocha!

Mocha is such a chilled dog. She’s quiet, where Freya is Miss Mouthy. She’s laid back, where Freya is high energy. I think they will balance each other out nicely! So now we’re a two-dog household once again!

What kind of dog do you think Mocha is? Do you see some boxer in there like I do? 

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