I’ve always loved putting together jigsaw puzzles. There’s just something to relaxing about seeing a pile of seemingly random pieces come together to form a gorgeous image, so satisfying about placing that last piece. Before Jake, I did puzzles all the time. I always had one going on the table. After Jake, well, I didn’t have the time. Then he was too little and I didn’t want him to eat the pieces. Then I didn’t have the time again. Then we got pets that are prone to stealing things that don’t belong to them (like puzzle pieces).

Celebrate Mother's Day with Magic Jigsaw Puzzles & NAT GEO WILD! It's the perfect way to treat yourself to a little extra me time AND have a chance to win some sweet prizes!

When I got my iPad, I discovered a whole world of jigsaw puzzle apps that fulfilled my love of doing puzzles without the mess! I’m excited to work with one of my all-time favorites, Magic Jigsaw Puzzles by ZiMAD, to tell you about their fun Mother’s Day giveaway with Nat Geo WILD! It’s the perfect way to treat yourself to a little extra me time AND have a chance to win some sweet prizes.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Mother’s Day Giveaway

This year, Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is celebrating Mother’s Day with their friends at National Geographic. If you already play Magic Puzzles, you might notice the special Nat Geo Mother’s Day pack. It’s filled with adorable pictures of animal mamas with their own babies!

To enter, all you have to do is solve any of those special puzzles and share it with your friends on Facebook, tagging the official  Magic Jigsaw Puzzles’ community page. Then check back on May 15th to find out if you won!

Prizes include a branded mug, a t-shirt, a gorgeous coffee table book, a branded journal and pen set and a digital subscription for Nat Geo Magazine! Magic Jigsaw Puzzles will also reward each lucky winner with 50,000 coins!

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is the perfect game for a little “me” time

We moms are always crazy busy, right? Like I said, I no longer have the time (or the room, really) to conquer a 1,000 piece puzzle on my dining room table. I wish I did, but I don’t. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles gives me exactly what I love about doing a puzzle but in a much, much smaller package. There’s a reason this is one of my favorite jigsaw puzzle apps: it’s loaded with amazing features.

With five difficulty levels, I can choose how many pieces I want to work with depending on how much free time I actually have. If I’m short on time, I may just do a 72 piece puzzle. If I have a bit more time to relax, I’ll go with a higher piece count!

Since they partner with National Geographic, I have the chance to put together some truly gorgeous and adorable puzzles featuring everything from backyard wildlife to stunning landscapes. We have a raccoon that comes to visit every night to steal the cat food we put out for the feral family, so I put one together in honor of her (I don’t know if she’s really a girl, but I named her Rosalind, so I sure hope so!).

While they have a constantly updating collection of over 20,000 puzzles to choose from, you can also easily make your own if you want! Then you can share that puzzle with the world, see what others have created, and leave encouraging comments on their masterpieces.

Other awesome features include a weekly tournament where you can show off your mad puzzle solving skills, an incredibly active Facebook community with over 75,000 users and, perhaps most important, the ability to transfer your game from device to device. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is available on just about every platform, including Facebook, Apple, Android, Windows and Amazon devices. It’s also available in all locations and in 10 different languages.

Visit Magic Jigsaw Puzzles to download the game for your favorite platform.  Check out the Facebook community to keep up with news and interact with other plays, and follow Magic Jigsaw on Twitter to keep up with their latest news.

You deserve a “me time” break this Mother’s Day. Treat yourself to the National Geographic Mother’s Day puzzle pack and your me time could make you a winner!

Have you played Magic Jigsaw Puzzles before? What are your favorite types of puzzles?




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