Mermaid gardens are the way to make a fairy garden just a touch more magical. Ok who am I kidding, both mermaid gardens and fairy gardens are pretty magical and perfect for me! Tiny plants, not a lot of extra care and the fun is in the details, I’m in! If you have been considering making a miniature garden, you have to see these gorgeous mermaid garden ideas! Don’t worry; we haven’t pushed the fairies out entirely; some have both! See all the fun ideas below!

11 Enchanting DIY Mermaid Gardens That Will Inspire You

Take your fairy garden up a notch with these mystical mermaid garden DIY ideas! You'll love these ideas both outdoors or for home decor!

Cool Sea Glass

Frosted rocks give such a cool look to this mermaid garden. Doesn’t it almost look like the waves are crashing on the rocks around this beautiful mermaid! This is seriously gorgeous!

Broken Pot Mermaid World

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Can this get any more beautiful? I can just imagine mermaids popping in and out of the crevices in this pretty tiny world. Don’t throw away your broken pots, make this instead!

Mermaid Garden In A Bowl

Don’t have a lot of room for your mermaid garden? Check out this adorable tiny garden in a bowl! I kind of need one right now for my desk!

Moana Mermaid Garden

Here’s a fun idea, love the movie Moana? Why not add her to your mermaid garden? The sea calls us all!

Life’s A Beach Mermaid Garden

Mermaid Garden

Forget the fairy garden. A mermaid garden will provide hours of fun, and it's a great way to teach kids about gardening.

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The beach on this mermaid garden is wide and ready for plenty of shells. I love all the little extra details, like the pool of water with the starfish! This video also gives you a great basic tutorial to putting together your own mermaid garden.

Teacup Mermaid Garden

Another tiny garden to love on a miniature scale, but this time it’s in a teacup! How sweet is this lovely mermaid?

Fairies And Mermaids

If you have your heart set on a tiny garden but can’t choose between mermaids and fairies check out this gorgeous inspiration! There is a mini lake for the mermaid, an adorable cottage teapot house and tiny cottage for the fairies, and a wizard guarding the bridge!

Under The Sea Amazing

This one has a touch of everything. doesn’t it? I love all the details! Technically I don’t think this garden has any plants in it, but the design sure is cute and it makes for great inspiration. How fun are the blue fish tank rocks, it gives it such a pop of color! I also love the fun octopus and crab!

Half Water, Half Sea

This garden has a nice balance of mermaid fun and beach that is perfect for the plant love. Also do you see the tiny fish? What a fun garden!

Lighthouse Fun

This pretty garden has so many elements, but the stand out is the pretty lighthouse in the center! The moss on the sides of this garden really give an under the sea feel to this mermaid garden.

Flowers and Mermaids

This is another hybrid garden where it is half mermaids, half fairies. The flowers give his garden so much fun color that I think my own mermaid garden would still needs some of these pretty flowers! Also look at the tiny park bench!

So have you made a mermaid garden? What about a fairy garden? What would you add to yours? Tell me what you think in the comments!