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Rev Up Your Active Dog's Diet with Wellness CORE RawRev #RawRevolution

Saying that my Pharaoh Hound Freya is an active dog is like saying that Mt. Vesuvius was an active volcano. For those of you who didn’t once dream of being a volcanologist when you grew up, that would be the volcano that took out Pompeii. You know, the really big one? Freya makes other active dogs look downright lazy. Seriously, she has two speeds: revved up and off. She takes her share of naps, but for the majority of the day (and late into the night), Freya goes full-speed ahead.

Rev Up Your Active Dog's Diet with Wellness CORE RawRev #RawRevolution

Freya in “off” mode, an increasingly rare event!


Since she’s such an energetic dog, she has a crazy fast metabolism. She’s just as much a food hound as a sight hound! I swear, if we didn’t monitor her closely, she’d eat the entire house. Literally. The dog tries to eat socks (and that’s apparently typical for her breed), so I have no doubt that she could devour my home brick by brick if we let her. Since socks and bricks do not make for a good diet, we are super choosy about what we put into her bowl. We’ve been Wellness® fans for a long time, and their new Wellness® CORE® RawRev™ is exactly what we needed for our high-energy dog!

Support your active dog with Wellness CORE RawRev!

Wellness CORE RawRev supports your active dog’s lifestyle!

Wellness CORE RawRev is a new food from one of the most trusted pet food brands. It combines high-protein grain-free kibble with 100% raw meat pieces, making it not just tasty but super nutrient-rick. Basically, it’s everything your active dog needs to thrive from the core out. Freya just loves it because it tastes good. She doesn’t know that it’s good for her.

Rev Up Your Active Dog's Diet with Wellness CORE RawRev #RawRevolution

I, on the other hand,  love it because it makes feeding my dog a semi-raw diet a lot easier. I also love it because it has plenty of vitamins and nutrients to support Freya’s active body, including Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help support strong joints. Pharaoh Hounds are runners and leapers. They’re as fast as greyhounds and can leap up to six feet from a stand-still position. Just look at her! She’s pretty much all legs, neck and ears!  When your dog is super active like that, strong joints are a must.

Rev Up Your Active Dog's Diet with Wellness CORE RawRev #RawRevolution


Wellness CORE RawRev has 0 carbs. 0. Unlike humans, who actually do need carbs (despite what every fad diet will tell you), dogs don’t really need them. At all. They convert protein into energy, which is why it’s important to look for protein-packed content when reading the ingredients on your dog food bag. Sure, your dog could turn carbs into energy too, the way we do, but it’s not ideal. RawRev is 75% protein, and only 15% fat. Since Freya has such a lithe frame, we are SUPER careful about making sure she doesn’t get overweight, so low-fat is a must.


Rev Up Your Active Dog's Diet with Wellness CORE RawRev #RawRevolution Rev Up Your Active Dog's Diet with Wellness CORE RawRev #RawRevolution


RawRev comes in three different recipes: Original + 100% Raw Turkey, Small Breed + 100% Raw Turkey, and Wild Game + 100% Raw Lamb. Right now, we’re trying out the 100% Raw Turkey recipe with Freya, and the Small Breed recipe with Mocha (more on that over on DogVills next week!). Find all three varieties at PetSmart!


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Rev Up Your Active Dog's Diet with Wellness CORE RawRev #RawRevolution

Ready to try it out for your dogs? Buy One, Get One 50% Off by visiting PetSmart and Unleashing the Power of Raw! The deal is available online and in stores. Connect with Wellness on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all their exciting news!

Have you tried Wellness CORE RawRev yet? What recipes do you think your dogs would love the most? Share below!


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