It’s official: summer has finally arrived! Okay, not “calendar official,” but since it’s my son’s last day of school, it’s summer to me! Time to break out the flip-flops and shorts! While I spend most of my summer in clothes designed more for comfort than fashion statement, there are times that I actually want to look half decent. Please welcome Melbourne fashion blogger, Amy Mia Goldsmith! She’s sharing her favorite everyday looks to get you in the mood for summer! Check them out!

Everyday Looks to Get You in the Mood for Summer

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The road to summer is not always paved with sunshine and roses; more often than not, it plays the hot and cold game on us, sends down sudden and unwanted showers, as well as those tormenting waves of humidity. However, this is all part of the transitional charm. Following the slightly altered iconic line – if you build it, it will come – it’s always a good idea to dress in a way that is anticipatory of summer. It gets you in the mood, and if the universe is kind enough, it speeds up the process of bringing the summer that much quicker. Therefore, it’s never too early to start dressing the part, so let’s dive in and welcome the season in style.

One color – strong statement

Everyday looks for summer

If this year’s runways taught us anything it is that the ‘80s vibe has made a grand comeback, especially in terms of colors. Vibrant pink, electric blue, bright yellow – they are here for the picking. For a strong statement made with a single color, go with the always chic and equally comfortable and casual long-sleeve jumpsuit. This look calls for classic neutral or even black pumps to complete is, and in order not to overshadow the effect of the power-garment, go with a simple clutchEveryday Looks to Get You in the Mood for Summer to match the shoes.

A dress never fails to impress

Everyday Looks to Get You in the Mood for Summer

Not only is a dress the easiest thing you can pull from your closet, but it also remains, hands down, the most effective and impressive garment of all. There are tons of sexy and breezy summer dresses online that will not only get you excited about summer, but might actually make it arrive faster. It is undeniable that a great summer dress is still unmatched by any other piece of clothing when it comes to awakening the feminine goddess and exuding confidence and sexiness. It is for that reason that summer should not catch you without at least one great dress in your wardrobe arsenal, and if you go for one that is bright yellow, you won’t only be channeling summer vibes, but your inner Beyoncé, too.

Girl of summer

Everyday Looks to Get You in the Mood for Summer


The cute, slightly underdone, summer girl next door look is definitely a job for cut-off denim shorts and a vibrant one-shoulder topEveryday Looks to Get You in the Mood for Summer. Last season was all about showing both shoulders off, but this season calls for one shoulder that shows just enough skin. It’s playful, fun and frilly, and if you want to stay on trend and on point, then by all means, go for stripes or polka dots, because both of these ruled the runways of 2017. On a chillier day, replace the shorts with pale denim jeans, and you still have a winning combo.

Casual va va voom

Everyday Looks to Get You in the Mood for Summer


Put on your favorite pair of curve-accentuating jeans. Add a simple slightly oversized, grey T-shirt. Not feeling the summer vibe yet? Wait for it. Elevate with block heel strappy sandals in a nude hue. Ok, better. However, the va va voom effect comes when a bold, bright almost floor-length floral caftanEveryday Looks to Get You in the Mood for Summer steps onto the stage. This simple piece of fabric has such power at awakening and bringing life to an outfit, and regardless of what else you’re wearing, this is the garment that will put you in that carefree summer mood, and if you turn heads and stop traffic as a bonus, so be it.

Crisp, white, classic

Abercrombie and  Fitch White Shirt

As fashion guru Tim Gunn, has stated a number of times, a girl must always own at least one classic white shirt. To make the look ‘summery’ unbutton a few buttons, show off the collarbone and add a subtle gold necklace or a chic silk neck scarf for that touch of flair. Throw a pair of red culottes into the mix.  These pants look great on everyone; they have that casual chic quality to them, and the just above the ankle length makes the legs look even longer, especially when accompanied with a pair of simple strappy sandalsEveryday Looks to Get You in the Mood for Summer. A touch of nude can be found in a solid tote, and you are ready for any and every time of day and occasion.