Cats sure are finicky little creatures, aren’t they? I thought I was a picky eater, but my girls Zoe and Willow put me to shame! While Alex the Fuzz will eat pretty much anything under the sun (including dog food!), Zoe and Willow turn their noses up at anything that they consider to be less than “gourmet” quality. The problem? They both have different opinions on what constitutes gourmet food!

Check out how easy it is to feed even the most finicky cat a healthy diet with Wellness® Complete Health cat food!

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Feeding Finicky Cats a Healthy Diet Made Easy

Back in April, we talked a bit about how to make this the year of the cat. In that post, I shared with you some great news about Wellness® Complete Health™, a fantastic line of grain-free dry and cat food available at PetSmart. All of my cats have been dining on Wellness Complete Health for around three months now. Let’s talk about how easy its made feeding even my finickiest cats a healthy diet!

Wellness Mally How to Feed Even the Most Finicky Cats a Healthy Diet #HealthyMeetsHappy

I am super conscientious about what my cats eat. Back when my ancient lady Mally went through a bout of diabetes about seven years ago, we did a ton of research into what cats should be eating. Up until then, we fed them semi-premium dry food and only gave them wet food as a treat. Mally (who, FYI, is turning 21 this year!) was switched to a wet food diet to better manage her diabetes. At the time, the other cats in our family seemed to prefer wet as well. Except Willow. She’s never been a huge fan of wet food.

Alex the Fuzz Wellness How to Feed Even the Most Finicky Cats a Healthy Diet #HealthyMeetsHappy

Over the years, we’ve lost cats to age or illness and introduced new kitties to our family. Most recently, Zoe and Alex (above, being his cute Fuzz self). The two are as close as can be yet as different as night and day. Like I said, Alex will eat just about anything, so of course he  loved the Wellness® Complete Health Grain Free dry food. Zoe, on the other hand, doesn’t really like most wet food. She has that in common with Willow (and that’s about it, because those two barely acknowledge each other’s existence). That makes finding the right dry food even more important.

Check out how easy it is to feed even the most finicky cat a healthy diet with Wellness® Complete Health cat food!

Wellness® Complete Health™ is exactly what it sounds like, complete nutrition that your cat needs to stay healthy and happy. The name “Wellness” kind of says it all, doesn’t it? Of course, there are lots of cat foods that claim to offer complete nutrition, so what makes Wellness so special?

What is is versus what it isn’t

First, let’s talk about what’s in it versus what isn’t. Wellness Complete Health dry food recipes are made without any fillers or grains. Basically, it’s based on the ancestral diet that cats in nature have thrived on for a bazillion years. They’re getting the right proteins and vitamins they need to stay healthy without all the extra junk getting in the way.

Check out how easy it is to feed even the most finicky cat a healthy diet with Wellness® Complete Health cat food!

The wet food comes in a TON of varieties! Most of my cats prefer a pate-like canned food. Zoe, of course, is special. While she isn’t a big wet food eater in general, she does really like the Morsels. I like that all of the wet food is carrageenan-free!

Flavors that cats love!

Check out how easy it is to feed even the most finicky cat a healthy diet with Wellness® Complete Health cat food!

Of course, even the healthiest cat food does no good if your finicky cat won’t eat it, right? Wellness Complete Health grain-free dry food comes in two recipes for adults (and one for kittens): Deboned Chicken & Chicken Meal, and Salmon & Herring. All of my cats are weird about salmon, but I wanted to try it anyway. They actually liked it just as much as they loved the chicken!

If your cat likes wet food, your options are insanely vast, from pates to gravies to morsels in just about every cat-pleasing flavor imaginable. They even have a Chicken & Lobster flavor! We haven’t tried that one yet, I’ll have to pick some up for Zo-zo.

Wellness partners with Terracycle

Another stand-out thing about Wellness is their partnership with Terracycle. Haven’t heard of them? I bet you have and just don’t know it! They are this incredibly cool organization that takes recycled materials and makes super cool things out of it. Things like messenger bags out of used juice pouches, coasters out of old circuit boards and so much more. They also do a lot to benefit schools and nonprofits. Through the partnership, you can ship your empty Wellness bags and pouches to Terracycle for free and earn points for your favorite participating nonprofit. While many brands have partnered with Terracycle, Wellness is the first pet food to do so.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Need one more reason to try Wellness Complete Health? Here’s a biggie: you have absolutely nothing to lose! Seriously! If you cat doesn’t love it, PetSmart will give you your money back. Just take the unused portion back to your store for a refund.


Wellness Logo How to Feed Even the Most Finicky Cats a Healthy Diet #HealthyMeetsHappy

Sounds awesome, right? I really do think that if my finicky cats love it, yours will too. Head to your local PetSmart or shop online for Wellness Complete Health. Check out the PetSmart Facebook and Twitter page to keep up with news, and follow Wellness on Instagram for inspiration!

What do you do to make sure your finicky cat is getting the best nutrition? 


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wellness®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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