Can you believe it’s been 20 years since JK Rowling introduced us to Harry Potter and the magical wizarding world? I still remember reading the first couple of books! I was living in Japan at the time and by the time I heard about it, the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was getting ready to release. I found Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the base library and fell in love! My mom picked up the others for me and sent them out so I could binge away. I’ve been hooked on Harry since then!

Must-Have Subscription Boxes for Harry Potter Fans

In honor of his 20th anniversary, I’m sharing a few must-have subscription boxes for Harry Potter fans. I am crazy addicted to subscription boxes in general because it’s like Christmas every month! I love surprises! These boxes let you celebrate your love of all things magical every single month of the year. Check them out!

Must-Have Subscription Boxes for Harry Potter Fans

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Must-Have Subscription Boxes for Harry Potter Fans

If you’re going to pick just one Harry Potter subscription box, this is it. Accio! is the ONLY subscription box that is 100& inspired by the Harry Potter universe. Like Hogwarts, the box comes in four “house” varieties. Choose your house and you’ll get prizes tailored towards it each month. With shirt sizes up to 3X and goodies curated specifically for adult fans, this is a must-have for every Harry Potter fanatic.


7 Must-Have Subscription Boxes for Harry Potter Fans

Perfect for young new fans of Harry Potter, Bookified sends out a letter each month written from the characters’ perspectives as they experience the events in the books. It’s a super simple concept. You basically just get the letter and a small book mark. Still, for $9.99, it’s utterly charming and such a fun way to keep tweens engaged in the story.


Charm with Me

Must-Have Subscription Boxes for Harry Potter Fans

One of the highest-rated subscription boxes on this list, Charm with Me isn’t exactly a Harry Potter themed box, but it does send out plenty of geeky fun charms that include Potter-inspired designs! You get a starter bracelet when you sign up. Charms also fit Pandora bracelets.

Fandom of the Month

Must-Have Subscription Boxes for Harry Potter Fans

With Fandom of the Month, you’ll get 3-4 pieces of super cool geeky jewelry every month from all across the fandom universe, including Harry Potter, Star Wars and more. At only $13, it’s a total steal!

Nerdy Post

Must-Have Subscription Boxes for Harry Potter FansNerdy Post

 is one of my favorites on this list because it’s just so much fun. Filled with stickers, post cards, notebooks, magnets and other random little things, it’s packed with everything you need to decorate your nerdy room! This one is perfect for teens and college students, too!

Themepark Monthly

Must-Have Subscription Boxes for Harry Potter FansThemepark Monthly

comes in two different types of boxes: one for Disney and one for Harry Potter. Basically, if you can’t make it to theme park, they’ll bring it to you! Each month, you’ll get handpicked souvenirs from the park of your choice. Try their one-time box to get an idea of what’s included!

Wonderful Objects by Wonder and Company

Must-Have Subscription Boxes for Harry Potter Fans


For something a little different, Wonderful Objects has nothing to do with Harry Potter per se, but everything to do with the wonder and enchantment that inspired it. I am so in love with the way they theme the boxes. Every three months (that’s how often it ships), they ask a “what if” question, then answer it with a variety of gorgeous and magical objects. They even send out magical teasers ahead of the box. At $72,  it’s definitely the priciest on the list, but it’s also among the classiest.