The smell of new paper, the crisp feel of the pages between your fingers can be turned into true works of gorgeous book art. Have you seen some of the creative sculptures and art created out of books? We are talking about more than just pretty adult coloring books here, and the results are simply gorgeous! Check out some of my favorite book art finds1

9 Gorgeous Book Art Projects And Sculptures To Fall In Love With

9 Gorgeous Book Art Projects And Sculptures To Fall In Love With

Marry Me

You open a book you are reading and you see this…what is your reaction? 😭(Source:

Posted by Bookstr on Sunday, May 28, 2017

What a beautiful proposal! But the poor book was harmed in the process. One commenter even said “If someone did this, they clearly don’t know me well enough!” Beautiful yet sad all at the same time!

Book Art Adventure

This has to be Photoshop but how gorgeous! Almost like you could step right inside on a journey!

Game of Thrones Book Sculpture

I can only imagine that slicing all the paper for this project took quite some time. This is not for the faint of heart if you love to feel the pages of a good book, but isn’t the end sculpture amazing?

Tree Of Life Boo Sculpture

You are going to want to set a few more paper folding goals when you see this Tree Of Life book sculpture. This one is so cool, I kind of want to make one but it looks so intricate!

Isaac Newton Book Sculpture

Can you capture thought and wisdom in any more epic way? How intricate it must have been to make the amazing tree in this Isaac Newton Book Sculpture.

Butterfly Book Sculpture

This beautiful butterfly sculpture is acutely also a DIY video, so you could totally make it yourself! How pretty are those butterflies floating above the open book!

Book Spiral Stack

When in doubt, a simple book spiral can be made into such a pretty masterpiece. I love how color coordinated this one is, gorgeous!

Layered Book Sculpture

This lovely layered book sculpture changes as you flip through the pages. The twist at the end is a bit funny too.

Folded Book Art

This idea of turning the pages and creasing them is kind of a book lover’s nightmare. I suppose if you must fold the page, you might as well make it into gorgeous art!

So have you ever tried to make some sort of book art piece in your house? Which one of these pieces would you want to have? Tell me in the comments!