From giving the best slobbery kisses, to providing the best snuggle buddy on the couch, dogs are always giving unconditional love. They are always in a good mood, and you want to reward them for that. While you can give them a new toy to play with or a new collar that sparkles, there is one thing that dogs love more than anything else: food.

That’s why Personal Creations created 26 easy-to-make dog treats for your furry best friend to enjoy! Surprise them with a morning doggie donut or make them pupcakes for their next birthday. The options are endless, and these recipes take 30 minutes or less to prepare, so your pup can indulge soon after he smells the cooking!

Whip up tasty goodies for your furry best friend in a jiffy with these 7 easy dog treat recipes!


FYI, if you head over to their post, you’ll find 19 more fab recipes, including one from As you may know, I’m the editor and one of the writers over there, so check it out!