Breakfast doesn’t just fuel you up and give you energy for all of life’s adventures, it also sets the tone for the whole day. Think about how you feel when you grab something quick on the way out the door in a rush versus the times when you sit down with your family and actually enjoy your meal. I’m guilty of the “rush job” breakfast, or even skipping it entirely and just drinking coffee. With Jake starting cyber school this year, I want to make huge changes to the way we do breakfast. I want to “Think Biggerer” and turn breakfast into a more relaxing meal.

Check out 5 fun ways to "Think Biggerer" at breakfast and set a positive tone for the whole day, plus get a fun meal on the table fast with Honeycomb cereal!

5 Ways to “Think Biggerer” at breakfast!

*I partnered with Honeycomb cereal to encourage you to “Think Biggerer” when it comes to breakfast. All opinions are my own.

Forget about just going big. The classically delicious Honeycomb cereal wants us all to think as big as we can, as in “biggerer!” It makes sense, since every single spoonful is bursting with honey flavor and ginormous crunch! This is one classic that will never go out of style, especially for my honey-loving son. The sweetened corn and uniquely fun hexagon shape makes it a staple in our household. When Honeycomb challenged me to “Think Biggerer,” I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about.  Don’t worry, busy moms, when I say “Think Biggerer,” I’m not suggesting that you get up an hour earlier to put together a lavish spread! In fact, you can easily incorporate these ideas into a 15-minute breakfast routine!

1- Get breakfast on the table fast so you have time to relax

To me, going biggerer has nothing to do with cooking up a storm and everything to do with setting the perfect emotional tone. Get breakfast on the table fast so you can enjoy a little family time before everyone heads off in different directions. Don’t overthink it. Set out bowls, put the Honeycomb cereal and low-fat milk on the table. Add a platter of cut fruit (you can cut everything up the night before) to the table and call it a meal. You’ll have everything covered: complex carbs, protein, fiber, and a good start to getting your daily vitamins and minerals. If you do a little prep work the night before, you can get everything on the table in under 2 minutes.

5 Fun Ways to Go Biggerer at Breakfast & Set a Positive Tone for the Whole Day

2- Start the day with a joke

My husband and son love telling jokes. Even when Jake rolls his eyes at my husband’s “dad jokes,” he still laughs. I can’t think of a better way to set the tone for the perfect day than by starting the morning with laughter, can you?

3-  Declare breakfast a “negativity-free” zone

Politics and controversial news story are dinner table discussions, not breakfast talk. Even if your whole family is on the same side of a particular debate, chances are someone is going to get riled up at something. Do you really want the first conversation of the day to be about bad news? Instead, go around the table and challenge each other to come up with something positive about the day. It could be a fun project that your kids are looking forward to doing, a moment to appreciate the beautiful weather, or anything else that comes to mind. The only rule is that it can’t be negative.

4- Play “Six Impossible Things”

You know how Alice believes six impossible things before breakfast every day? Well, why not make a game of it? Believing in the unbelievable is a great way to challenge your brain to to think beyond the boundaries of reality. Basically, it helps you think biggerer!  Just remember to keep it positive. No judging what others come up with, and don’t use it as a way to get around the “no controversy” rule! Want to know some of my six impossible things? I believe in fairies, the magic of birthday wishes. In time travel and alternate realities. I believe that surrounding myself with books is like surrounding myself with tiny little worlds that I can jump into at any time.

5- Make memories!

Life goes by SO fast, and before you know it, your kids are off to college and you’re eating breakfast alone. I took hundreds of pictures a year of my son when he was tiny, but looking back, I realize that I only have a handful of pics from the last few years. Between digital camera, smartphones, and tablets, we have more ways than ever before to capture memories. Who cares if your house is messy, or if your son needs a haircut? Not every picture you take needs to be Instagram-worthy or make its way into a coffee table photo book. Snap a photo each morning at the end of breakfast just to keep for yourself. In five, ten, even 50 years from now, you’ll be glad you did!

5 Fun Ways to Go Biggerer at Breakfast & Set a Positive Tone for the Whole Day

Sitting down at the table and just enjoying each other’s company, even if it’s just for 15 minutes while you talk around a mouthful of cereal, really sets the tone for the whole day. It’s a simple and fun way to Think Biggerer at breakfast and send everyone off on a positive note. As I mentioned above, Jake is starting cyber school this year (and I work from home), so we really have no excuse to make breakfast a rush job. Even if your kids go off to a brick and mortar school, you can still go biggerer at breakfast time just by getting up ten minutes earlier. With delicious Honeycomb cereal in your bowls, there’s no need to wake up before the birds to start your day off right!

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What are some of your favorite ways to turn breakfast into a biggerer affair? Share below!