Get ready to ditch that dustpan for good, my friends! I’ve partnered with EyeVac to share their unique and easy new way to clean your floors! Even better, you’ll have a chance to win one for your home!

Ditch that manual dustpan and save your back with EyeVac Home! Check out my review!

So, here’s my conundrum. I have two dogs and three cats, and wow, are they messy. Even though my dogs are relatively non-shedding, my cats definitely pick up their slack in the “let’s make hair tumbleweeds” department. While my dogs may keep their hair to themselves, they’re not so neat about their kibble. Both of them think it’s necessary to open their mouths while they’re eating and let food just fall out on the floor. Then there’s Alex the Fuzz. That cat can’t cat, I tell you! He’s constantly (constantly!) knocking something all over the floor. His dry cat food, dog treats (he actually tries to throw them down to the dogs, I think), random stuff on the counter. Basically, my floors need to be swept like 24/7.

Here’s where the conundrum comes in: I have a really bad back. Bending over to sweep dirt and food into a dustpan leaves my back all cramped up and leaves me in tears. Breaking out my handy stick vac is one solution, but when I forget to charge it (which happens often), I have no choice but to sweep with a good old-fashioned broom. Besides, my stick vac can’t really handle larger bits of kibble and what not. So what’s a girl with a bad back and a messy floor to do? Turn to the tool the pros use, of course!

Save Your Back with EyeVac

EyeVac Pro was originally created for use in hair salons, because if anyone does a lot of sweeping, it’s hair stylists! I have super thick hair, and when I get it cut I swear my hair alone could break a back if my stylist had to bend over to sweep it all up! Now, you can get a sleek and sophisticated looking version to save time (and your back) in your own home.

Here’s how EyeVac Home works:

  • Set your EyeVac up on the floor wherever you want. When I’m using it, I just set it in a spot that’s accessible yet out of the way in my kitchen.
  • Turn it on either auto or manual mode.
  • Use your regular broom to sweep debris to the front of your EyeVac.
  • If it’s on auto mode, it will automatically suck the debris in to the vacuum. If it’s on manual, just hit the button and it will do the same thing. I like auto mode because I don’t have to bend down to push the button, it just senses when the dirt is there and does its thing.

Check out their video to see it in action (I tried to make my own video, but my kitchen lighting is horrific and, honestly, my kitchen is kind of cluttered right now. You don’t need to see that!):

The opening that sucks up the debris under the EyeVac is big enough to handle even the largest bits of kibble that my dogs spit all over the place. With a 1000-Watt motor, it’s powerful enough to handle just about any typical household mess. If you anticipate extreme messes (like, if you’re shaving ten dogs and planning to dump a bag of kibble on the floor), you can always get the EyeVac Pro for about $20 more. Honestly, though, the EyeVac Home is plenty strong enough for most families. Plus it fit in nicely with the rest of your decor. You can get it in black or white. White never stays that way in my house for long, so I love the black one. Besides, most of my electronics and appliances are black.

Your EyeVac will even let you know when it’s time to empty the collection bin inside by lighting up the “Canister Full” light on the button panel. Since it’s a bagless canister, just open it up and dump it into your garbage. It also comes with a lifetime filter, so you don’t need to buy any extra accessories. The HEPA Filter even helps clean your air as you clean your floor!

Sweeping your floor is SO much easier on your back with EyeVac. I love that I no longer have to bend over to sweep the dirt into a tiny dustpan. Even if you don’t have a bad back, EyeVac makes sweeping a cinch. With a dust pan, there’s always that tiny line of dirt that, try as you might, you can never get to actually go into the pan. The EyeVac doesn’t leave any debris behind! I’m not going to say that I actually look forward to sweeping now because, honestly, cleaning doesn’t bring me joy on any level. I will say, though, that I don’t dread it anymore!

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The EyeVac home usually retails for $109, but if you visit my personalized EyeVac landing page, you can get it for just $87.20. You can also get the Pro or Pet version at a deep discount. Plus, all EyeVacs ship free to the continental US and come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Just use coupon code evblog at checkout! You can also find it on Amazon. Follow EyeVac on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all of their news and special offers.